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Cell phone usage before going to sleep may be harmful

A study, published in the journal “Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes,” found late night usage of cell phone and usage of pc has direct impact to our sleeping quality. It harms our sleeping patterns. As a consequence it will cause deficiency to our productivity.

According to Kathryn Saichuk, Student Health Center health promotion coordinator, said the blue light stimulates the brain. Even after we close our eyes, our brain can still “see” the blue light. The disturbance will cause our brain to have much difficulty in reaching the deep sleep cycle. It is essential for our body to reach the deep sleep cycle, only at the deep sleep cycle our body can have a proper rest. Continue reading

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Beware of ‘1-ring’ phone scam

Recently Better Business Bureau (BBB) issued a warning regarding a new scam targeted for cell phone users.  The scam adds unauthorized charges to user’s monthly bills.

The scam has been dubbed as ‘1-ring’ scam because the scammer will make a call the victim once and then hang up. Out of curiosity the victim will make a return call.  Unfortunately that one single call will cost the victim $19.95 for an international call, plus additional of $9 per minutes for the duration of the call. Most of the victims will only aware about the scam after receiving the monthly bills.

According to BBB, majority of the calls appear coming from Caribbean nations including Grenada, Antigua, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica or the British Virgin Islands. Area codes for the calls include 268, 274, 473, 809 and 876. However, some calls may be appeared coming from domestic. Continue reading

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Apple Promises to Fix iOS 7 ‘Screen of Death’

Many iphone users using iOS7 are facing annoying “screen of death”. Their cell phone just lock up and display the blank screen of death when the phone’s battery reach below 30 percent. The color of the boot-up screen depends on the color of your iPhone’s face. A white iPhone face produces a white boot up screen with a black Apple logo, while a device with a black face produces a black screen with a white Apple logo. Continue reading

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Samsung flexible phone prototype unveiled in CES 2013

Samsung unveiled their flexible phone and tab prototypes in the last Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013. I’m sure most of us will are interested in the technology.

According to news, the technology will be available to the consumer in 2016.

I’m sure Apple also are working on the same product range. Let see how creative Apple in competing with samsung.

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5 Important Cell Phone Security Tips

In today’s modern world,  we cannot run away from cell phone.  We are too dependent on cell phone. Not too much to say, cell phone is part of our life.  We cannot get away without cell phone.

Beside all the benefit, cell phones also open us to a new set of treats. Here are five tips that can improve our safety.

Cell phone Tip #1

Each of phones that we have has its own unique International Mobile Equipment Identity also known as IMEI.  Our service providers use this IMEI number to control our access.  Continue reading

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Window Phone 8.1 upgrade

According to a Microsoft representative, eventually all Window Phone 8 will received an update to Window Phone 8.1.  Unfortunately there is still no indication on the release date. Similarly the new software features are also been keep secret.

The new software is designed to be backward compatible.  Meaning it will be able to run application that meant for Window Phone 8.0. this avoid major hiccup as what has happened during the earlier software upgrade from Window Phone 7 to the Window Phone 8.

Windows phone 8 startup screen (wikipedia.org)

Windows phone 8 startup screen (wikipedia.org)

According to the company representative, Microsoft has the policy of supporting updates for 36 months on a device.

We’ll share with you once we have confirmed information the the upgrade


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5 Safety Tips for Cellphone Use


Choose either wired or wireless when possible. Alternatively we can also use the phone speaker mode. If you go wireless make sure to take your headset out of your ear when you’re not on a call.


The amount of radiation absorbed by your head and body decreases dramatically with even a small distance. Don’t put the phone in your pocket or clip it to your belt, even when using your headset.



Phones emit less radiation when sending text rather than voice communications. with the smart phone around, we also have the option of communicating using the internet application like whatapp. The option will be much cheaper and safer.


Fewer signal bars mean the phone must try harder to broadcast its signal. Research shows that radiation exposure increases dramatically when cell phone signals are weak.

Don’t store your phone in your pocket (or under your pillow)

When a phone is on and not in use, it still sends out an intermittent signal to connect with nearby cell phone towers, which means radiation exposure is still happening.

source : Environmental working group (ewg.org)

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New iPhone 6

Apple is rumored to come up with a new iPhone 6 end of the year. According to Mac Fan magazine the new series will have larger 5 inch screen. And will also be equipped with full HD 1080p display.

The new iPhone 6 is expected to be launched in September 2014, in line with recent apple product launching.

We can expect lot more rumors in the coming months.
Image Source: iPhone 6 concept by Nikola Cirkovic

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How to reboot / reset iphone 5

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Here is a simple and quick tip on how to reboot or reset your iphone 5.  obviously this simple trick also work for the earlier model.  All we need to do is to press the “power” and “home” buttons simultinously.  … Continue reading

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