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In addition, this website offers useful tips for managing your Smartphone and making it safer, and more secure. It’s a world of technology and lots of techniques that can risk your online privacy and even security in real life. So, without wasting time, we investigate and test different tools, apps, and websites to make life easier for our readers.

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How many smartphones are there?

According to the latest statistics, there is over 2 billion and a half smartphone Worldwide. The number is expected to reach the 2.7 billion devices in 2020 and that’s a huge number.

Samsung still represents 22% of the market share, on the other side, Apple has 12% of the market. For other brands, we notice the disappearing of the giant Sony phones from the big companies. However, there is a big increase in the number of Huawei smartphone and they represent 10.5 if the market share and that’s a big step for the Chinese company.

Now, after years of problems and big marketing mistakes, Nokia phone some back with amazing features. However, even if Nokia is a trusted brand with great features, they focus on Android OS and they don’t add at least, for now, their custom operating system with built-in apps, tools, and options.

On the other hand, there are so many new smartphone brands, especially in Asia. Even Motorolla in the US started offering great phones with high-quality cases and hardware. So, there are more opportunities for many new companies to show what they can offer as smartphones and sell them better.

For now, there is no clear overview of the global smartphone market as everything is changing every day and we’ll update this page with the latest stats when we have them.

What about the OS market share?

Android still the number operating system for mobile phones, it represents 87% of the market. On the other side, iOS has 12% of the market and the others combined represent only 0.2% of the global smartphone OS.

How can PhoneTipsTricks help you?

Of course, you’ll find great tricks and tips to use your smartphone the right way, so, read our article and learn how you can take better photos, and adjust them. In addition, readers learned how to fix common Android or iOS problems with easy steps.

Also, we write about the ways to save your battery and make it last longer than usual. There are amazing ways that anyone can use to extend the life of his smartphone battery.

On the other hand, we show you the best smartphones, and why we choose them as the recommended devices for this year or the next ones.

If you find a trick and you want to share, you can use the contact page, let us know about it and we’ll be happy to add it in the next article.

PhoneTipsTricks can also help you to choose between the best phones on the market, compare them by technical specifications and even prices. Furthermore, if you got an idea about a new smartphone and you don’t have any clear overview of it, send us an email and we’ll investigate it and even add our review if that is possible.

Reviewing smartphones and testing them is a pleasure, however, in many cases, the phones are only available in some countries, so, we’ll need some time to get the device and test it ourselves. Then, we’ll look behind the lines and clearly show you what you get and what’s wrong with the advertising of Telecom companies.

The next step is the smartphone review process that can take days to write a great article about it. So, please be patient when requesting information about new devices, as that needs some time to achieve the job professionally.

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