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How to Add a GPS Phone Tracker on Android & iPhone

How can you add GPS phone tracker to protect your kids? Still wondering? Well, for starters, using GPS phone tracker protection for kids has become more of a necessity than just another techy or spying gadget. It has become a necessity in today’s highly volatile world.

Right now, you need to be abreast with what’s happening to your kids by the minute. Children and teens are young, inexperienced and could be gullible. But your teens, in particular, would never admit. And their actions; fun activities online and sheer trust for total strangers could put everyone’s life at risk!

Have you ever felt like your feet would buckle under you? Feeling like freaking out because of the mere thought; ‘where on earth could he or she be? With a thousand and one unpleasant thoughts running through your head; you don’t even want to go there!

Across the divides whether for the wealthy and famous, high and mighty or the regular folks down the road. The need to know or feel your kids are free from harm’s way is a major step in today’s world. Youngsters need to understand the dangers of internet usage, digital socialization and how it can hurt or compromise family security.

However, here is to avert ugly situations, keep mum and dad’s hearts at rest and put a watchful eye on your kids always. The GPS cell phone locator presents a lovely solution to today’s mum and day. So, here are 2 methods to adding GPS phone tracker to keep your kids safe.

3 Things to do before tracking your kids mobile phones

  • Have an open discussion

It’s best to talk openly about your intention to keep tab of your kid’s location and activities with him or her. It helps in maintaining their trust, cooperation and forestalls any breach to their security.

  • Get their consent

With clear understanding, you shouldn’t have any challenge getting your kids approval. Your children would feel safer knowing you are not trying to pry into their privacy but keep them safe. They might end up feeling safe knowing you got their back anywhere they are.

  • Go through the process with them

Let them have some idea of what’s involved so as not to disrupt the program or app on their phones. Except it becomes a matter of utmost security, it’s always best to get your teen’s consent to track devices. To track devices for smaller kids might not pose much of a consent issue but not with older kids or teens.

5 Fast and easy steps in adding mobile phone tracker

To procedure from tracking GPS location for Android and iPhone is slightly different so we shall explore that of Android first.

Install a phone tracker software

To set up location tracker adequately you need to have access to the phone because that’s where you need install software.

There are several GPS tracking software in the market today. All making claims and promises both real and untrue, so exercise caution when picking a GPS tracker app. See some recommendations at the bottom of this page.

1. Purchase a good phone tracker software from your preferred software company with license key. Some software company gives free trial before buying.

2. Go to phone browser and type in the URL and download link for the software to download to your kid’s mobile device. And it should download stress-free.

3. Locate the downloaded app and then click the icon to install on the kid’s phone. Follow through the installation process. It varies from one software to the other, but you mostly would have to click agree, accept, next, etc. till you complete the installation- successful, finish or completed! Not so fast! The installation process is not yet complete till you see the next step.

4. Key in the license key or activation code that came with your purchase.

For most software, after you key in the activation code, you would need to input the phone number you want to track. It has to be your kid’s phone number, remember?

Wait for the installation process to conclude and wait till you see: finished, completed, successful!

Once you see the above message, congratulations, your spyware program is fully installed and ready to use. Also, do not forget to uninstall the downloaded app from the phone to avoid calling attention to it. Your teen can become suspicious when he or she sees the app.

5. You need to login to your spyware account. You most likely would have received your login details by e-mail when registering or purchasing the software. You login details in most cases should be your e-mail for purchasing the software and activation code as password. Don’t forget to change your password at first login.

Now you can log in from your device and see how well you can track your kid’s activities and location using GPS tracker. The GPS tracker regularly gives an update in about 5 minutes of your child’s location. You can track to the nearest 50 feet of your kid’s current location.  It can give you the last updated address of your child. Also, you should be able to see their text messages, phone logs, site visits, social media discussions, and contents, etc.

Things to note before installing a GPS tracer tool

Since it is not a Google play store downloaded app, to avoid obstruction to the installation do this:

  • Go to settings and check the box: Allow from unknown sources.
  • Check the box: Disable verify app. App verification by Google play on an Android phone usually occurs if you try to install a 3rd party app. If you do not disable verify app, then the app cannot be installed.
  • Root your device or check GPS settings to ensure no restrictions. It is only peculiar to the US alone.

Adding GPS cell phone tracker software on iPhone

Not so many kids or teens would be using iPhones as Android phones are becoming more popularly used than iPhones. However, here is how to track your kids iPhone setting up GPS tracker:

Locate Find My Friends. 

Find My Friends app is a legitimate app in Apple phones. Though not designed as a spy software but to help people genuinely share their locations. But to spy on your kids simply do this:

1. Open the ‘Share My Location’ tab and leave it open.  Do that on both your device and that of the phone to track. Make sure your setting indicates visible to everyone.

2. Go to your kid’s phone and click on Add. Look for contact name and image and click on it. Ensure to use: Share Indefinitely.

3. Check your phone for share location notification and accept it. When asked if to share your location click: don’t share; so no updates to the phone under tracking.

4. You can now check the: ‘Find My Friend’ app to get the minute update of your kids and teens! Hurray!

5. If your kids or teens or whoever you are tracking does not use the Find My Friend app, there is no likelihood to see it soon. But to make it less discoverable, you can hide the icon from their desktop, so they don’t see it often.

3 Ways to track your kids’ cell phones

  • Install 3rd party phone tracking software

There are some good and reliable GPS trackers online to purchase. Some offer only yearly license fees while others require a monthly subscription.

  • Request family phone tracking set up by service providers

You can have your service provider provide a tracking program or plan for your family if you so desire. Major providers are AT & T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, etc.

  • Social Network Set-up

Family or friends can create a monitoring set up to keep tab of each person’s locations. You can also share other information too, depending on what you decide. They include; Find My Friends, Google+, Cozi, Glympse, Live360, etc.

10 best-recommended phone GPS tracker tools

Here are some of the best safe GPS phone trackers, some come free, but others are premium quality with amazing benefits and the highest levels of safety and accurate location results.

Th best premium GPS tracker device is always Amber Alert GPS, it keeps your child safe when you know where he goes ion the map. In addition, parents can receive SMS alerts when the child exits a geographical area. It’s a lightweight GPS device that kids can take with them where they go.

Amber Alert GPS
Amber Alert GPS device for child protection


This is another good GPS location tracking solution with devices and embedded SIM card. The products come with the following features that everyone needs.

GPS & Voice Monitoring

Brand NameDevicesFeatures
Amber Alert GPSiPhone, Android, iPad, Mac…Aware winning GPS tracker device, accurate, best quality and always safe.
AngelSenseAndroid, iPhoneGPS device, embedded SIM, location updated every 10 seconds.
Auto ForwardAndroidGPS tracking, SMS, social media checks, browser tracking, photos & videos, calls, etc.
Life360iPhones, Android, Windows,

Blackberry – Free

Tracks kids location, alerts family if out of a location, tracks nearest hospital, police station, etc.
SMS TrackerAndroid – freeMonitor calls, SMS, photos
SecurafoneFree – Android, iPhoneHas a panic button for the kid to dial pre-set number, pre-fencing system, driver alert system for social media usage, etc.
MobiFlockFree- Android, Nokia, Blackberry

at $25 p.a

Tracks and allows you disable apps
Easy SpyAndroidGPS tracking, SMS, website fencing
Angel SenseHandheld deviceExcellent for special needs children, tracking capabilities of up to 30 seconds
Amby Gear SmartwatchWristwatchTracks both kids and parents, fun games, learning activities, etc.

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