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5 Best File Recovery Apps for Android Phones: Easy to Use and 100% Safe

The ability to keep your data safe or easily recover them once deleted is one sure important feature everyone would love to possess. Fortunately, most smart devices including Android phones can have access to some of the best file recovery apps for android phones.

Having easy access to vital information at your fingertips is one important function an android phone performs. Your smartphone is like a mobile office that enables you to store and access multiple files and documents on the go.

Just as was the case with me some time back, what if by accident or out of error you lose those important files on your phone? Can you just imagine that? Your interesting pictures, videos, messages, notes, graphics, contact details and more, so what do you do? In this article, we take you through 5 of the best Android apps to retrieve deleted files including, images, apps, videos, contacts, messages, phones, contacts etc…In one word, you’ll be able to recover those important memories and information.

Top Five file recovery apps to retrieve deleted data on Android

1. Dr. Fone Data Recovery Software

The Dr. Fone data recovery app by Wondershare has several unique features that make it a must-have for recovering your lost files.

With over 3 million downloads already, the Dr. Fone data recovery app helps you restore your lost files. Whatever the file format or nature of file whether audio, videos, SMS, contacts, social media messages, photos the Dr. Fone apps can help recover them quickly.

Dr. Fone data recovery app can recover files from well over 6,000 models of Android device as well as Android OS. It currently enjoys high download due to its light weight and ease of navigation and best suitable for both tablets and Android devices.

In the case of flashing, deleting, restoring factory settings or corrupted data, the Wondershare Dr. Fone data recovery app can help right away in recovering your files within a few minutes.

It provides you the option of choosing what to restore to your phone. So you can preview and then determine which file, songs, videos or apps to restore instead of all deleted files.

Once you open the application and connect the device that needs recovery:

Android data selection

then you just select the files to restore:

select the files to restore

After selecting, you click next to allow the app scan for all files and then restore.

As an example, you can recover pictures from text messages, that works for all the apps like WhatsApp, Facebook an all the others. Finally, select the files to recover like messages, images and click the recover button.

apps attachments recovering

1. Recuva Piriform data recovery app

Recuva data recovery app is an excellent tool for recovering lost pictures, videos, audio files, other applications and even your games. The Recuva apps work best for most Android phones even with versions lower than Android 3.0.

In the case where files get lost, go corrupt, or your PC crashes, and you can’t seem to open your files, use Recuva to recover those files no matter the file format. Recuva can help you recover lost emails as well by retrieving such emails. It can recover files from your Windows environment, SD card, MP3 Player or even recycle bin.

With the Recuva award-winning app you are sure that even for rewriteable media, USB sticks and external hard disk; you could still recover lost, deleted, damaged files or even recently formatted drives.

Recuva achieves this feat by using a unique technology set up to perform a deep scan. It searches for buried files that are hard to find. It uses an advanced deep scan mode in trying to locate any trace of the lost file.

Recuva data recovery app

Another good thing about the Recuva apps is the ease of operations, friendly graphic user interface.

Though for a person who is not a regular user of smart devices it would require a bit of learning; but it is quite easy to learn and quick to restore lost files and apps.

3. Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery App

Now if you have suffered the heartache that goes with losing an important file then having just the right software to help recover should provide a great sigh of relief. The Jihosoft data recovery app is the required tool for recovering lost, corrupted or deleted files on your android phones.

Whatever the nature virus attack, systems upgrade, corrupt files, erroneous deletion of records with Jihosoft you can recover all files with just a click.

It’s quite easy to use and does not involve any complicated setup or navigation steps. With Jihosoft, it’s as simple as installing the app on your device, open the application and follow the easy steps to recover your files.

It restores data by scanning through your device at a faster speed to help restore lost files. You can recover files from multiple drives both internal and external drives with just a simple click. Though, scanning works at different speed levels depending on the volume of the file to scan.

You can scan, preview and determine what to restore with ease whether it is SMS, call history, social media messages, photos, videos, audio files and more.

4. MyJad Android Data Recovery App

For quick and easy steps to recovering your lost data on any Android device trust the MyJad data recovery app for a clean job. It can efficiently recover your songs, videos, photos, pdf and other file formats from both your internal and external drives. Like other recovery apps, they come in a variety of options including the Pro version.

MyJad provides you the opportunity to preview and decide what to restore to your device. However, for some devices, it might require you to root to recover some data types. It could be tricky sometimes to recover files located in the internal memory of the Android phone.

To fully recover any file using MyJad takes just three easy steps of scanning, a preview to check and then recovery. It’s that simple!

Though, you might require some patience when to install or uninstall MyJad application because it takes quite a while to do maybe due to the file size.

5. Undelete 360 Data Recovery App

Undelete helps you recover any file you delete erroneously hence it’s known as undelete. It works using special technological tools including data-wiping, Hex viewer, and a pre-viewer to assess data and decide what to recover.

With the powerful Undelete 360 app you can recover data lost due to virus infection, hardware or software error, unexpected shutdown, deleting of files and more.

Undelete 360 can recover files from both internal and external drives whether smart devices, USB, SD card storage, digital cameras, PC hard drives, etc.

Irrespective of your file format or version of Android device the Undelete 360 will help recover lost data on them once in contact. Files to recover include audio, video, DOC, HTML, JPEG, PNG, GIF, AVI, MP3, MP4, JPG, BMP, PDF, WAV, etc.

Through rooting, the app can restore photos, videos, audios, SMS, call history, social media messages, etc.

Before picking best file recovery apps for your Android phone!

  • It is not enough to have the best file recovery app for Android phones as no app or software comes with a 100% guarantee of being able to recover just any file.
  • Where a file exists on your device can determine whether or not you can retrieve the file.
  • Some files and applications require rooting to work efficiently in recovering data so be sure what you get and what you need.
  • Some applications do have free versions. To get the most of any application, the software developer sometimes put in more efforts into the Pro or Premium version. To enjoy the best from such application, it’s always best to purchase the paid version.
  • Google and Android provide a broad range of free applications for your phone recovery. You can take advantage of some of them as well.

We hope you liked these file recovery apps for Android smartphones, in a few steps you can recover images, videos, emails, text messages and anything you lost by mistake or simply to browse old conversations with friends.

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