How to Call a Person who is Always Busy on the Phone

How to Call a Person who is Always Busy on the Phone

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If you’re unable to call someone who is always busy on his cell phone, then, you have a few options to fix the problem. However, we recommend verifying that before doing anything. So, make sure you try to contact another person from your smartphone, then, see what happens. If you can, use another SIM card and see if you get any new message or network error message.

If you want to get in touch with anyone by phone, make sure you have the correct number. In addition, keep in mind that many things can cause the problem and it’s not all the time personal. So, keep reading, and understand the steps.

Tips for calling someone who has a busy line

If someone blocks your number, you’ll not get a busy like, but, you’ll get a ring once or two in many cases. So, there is a chance of phone problems. The person you want to call may not even know about the issue and he’s not aware of it. For that reason, it’s better to identify the problem before calling back again. Follow these steps.

1. Disable the call waiting

Even if you never changed any settings on your phone, the problem can be caused by a system update or an app. So, one of these probable problems that can cause the busy line” message is the call waiting feature.

To turn OFF the call waiting feature in Android or other OS, go to settings, then, find “Call”, and additional settings or its similar menu if you have other another smartphone OS. Now, if you find call waiting, then, try disabling it. Last, don’t forget to restart your smartphone to let the system apply the changes.

If you’re not sure about the system, it’s better to look for call forwarding in your user’s manual. Or at least, search for how to turn the setting through a Google search. There are too many smartphones and operating stem that looks different and don’t have the same features.

2. Turn off the call blocking

This can fix the problem is you already have a call blocking app installed on your smartphone. Many of us use these tools to get rid of spam calls or simply to block someone we don’t want. So, go to your phone settings in Android or iPhone, then, scroll to call settings. From there, you should find something like call blocking, or blacklist. Of course, you can browse the blocked number and see if the number of the person you’re trying to call is there or not.

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If you want to go further for testing, you can turn off the call blocking feature in your phone and remove all the numbers in the blacklist. Then, we recommend to reboot your smartphone, that will allow the system to apply the new changes.

On the other side, if you have a previously installed call blocking app, you need to remove it first. If someone did that without your knowledge, then, you can browse your phone apps until you find one that block calls automatically. Some of these tools, is called TrueCaller, so, make sure you carefully uninstall any of these apps. Then, again, reboot your device to allow the changes to work.

3. Find the person’s other mobile number

This is not a big thing if you use a good phone lookup tool called BeenVerified that shows you all the numbers that the person own. We tried this search tool many times and it worked well for 95% of the searches or something like that. So, it has a high accuracy to find the number that someone owns without even asking him.

Now, that you have the person’s other number, it’s time to call him and it should work as if there is any problem, it should be related to his first number only.

4. Send him a text message

If someone is not interested and really blocked your number or add it to a blacklist, he will not reply to your message. However, we all human and the person may have added your number to the blacklist by mistake especially with not adjusted touchscreen issues. For now, try an SMS and let the person know that your his cell number is all the time busy, and you’re not able to contact him. Thus, if he really wants you to call him or her, he’ll fix the problem and browse his phone setting or blacklist.

If you receive no message, then, he’s not instead and you can just give up and never contact him again.

5. Reboot your smartphone in safe mode

If with all the above tricks, you still have a problem calling someone who is busy on his phone, then, it’s time to try this trick. Smartphones come with a good feature, it’s the safe mode that lets you disable all third-party app, tools, and settings and only use the default system for calling.

So, in Android for example, as usual, to turn off your device, press and hold the power button for a few seconds, then confirm the selection. Next, to power up your device, click and hold the power button for a few seconds again, this time, you’ll see the “Reboot to safe mode” option. Click ok and let the system start and finally call the same number to see if that work.

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6. Call him through a payphone

This is for testing only and you should not use it to force someone to answer your call and not reject it. So, to know if someone blacklisted your number and that’s what causes the issue, call him using a public telephone in your area. The advantage of this method is that the person’s phone should allow him to answer the call. And of course, if he answers, you can verify if you’re talking to the right person or not.

If you have an emergency situation, and you want to force the person to answer your call even if your number is blocked, then, try the payphone method. It should work and let you talk to anyone, even better, the person may accept your call from a public phone for many reasons.

These are the best ways to successfully call a person with busy line and get a response. Of course, these options work best if there is a problem with phone settings or app that the user installed. However, if you still have the same problem and you’re not able to call anyone, make sure to let us know about the issue in your comment. Or use the contact page if you want to share your experience with one of these recommend tools and services.


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