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How to call someone without them knowing your phone number?

If you want to learn exactly how to call someone without showing your number, then, keep reading this guide. There could be many reasons for hiding your number, but please don’t use it for spam, and only make. a call if you want to fix a problem or for any other good reason.

When you want to call without letting the other side know your phone number, you have many options. However, not all the methods work, and there is always a risk. But the good news is that we tested different options, and in this article, we’ll show you what you can do to call a person and hide your number at the same time. After reading this page, you’ll have the best apps, methods, and solutions.

Making private phone calls

1. Find secret phone numbers

We tried different tools and services, and only this phone lookup tool works all the time. With easy clicks of the buttons, we found phone numbers of people we know, but we don’t have any idea about the second numbers they hide.

This is the smartest way, you can find if the person has another cell phone number. Next, you call him directly to that line, but this time, you should use another SIM card if you have one, or hide your number, and we’ll show how to do that next.

The reason to call the person’s other number is that you have a chance that he use a different device. So, if someone has another smartphone and also another SIM card, then, your number is not in the contact list.

So, you can use your actual number and give it a try, or go further and use another line if you want. Now, let’s find out how to call a person without showing your number.

Lots of people use this technic to make prank calls using people secret cell phone numbers that hide. However, we recommend it for good reasons and not for any other thing.

2. Hide your number on Android devices

Here is how you can call someone without them knowing it’s you using Android.  If your cellular network provides a service that lets you block your number when making a phone call, then, you’ll be able to do that under the call settings. So, first click the Call app on your device, then, you’ll find something like three dots next to the contact search box.

 Hide your number on Android devices

Next, click on it and you’ll see the call settings menu as the following example.

call settings

Now, the settings won’t look the same depending on your device brand and the Android version you have. However, in general, it’s easy to find the settings to hide your caller ID.

In general, you’ll find something like a voice call, or calls, click on that and you’ll find the options. But if you have additional settings, access that menu and you’ll find the right options to with “Caller ID” like the next screenshot.

additional call settings

In this step, when you click the “Caller ID”, you’ll have options to hide it if your network allows that. If there is no option to block your number when calling, then, your network provider disabled the option for all.

Hide phone number

Now, that’s it, you successfully made your phone number private on Android OS that work for Samsung devices and others. Keep in mind that you can also access the call setting through the main settings menu in Android. From, there you have more options.

3. How to hide your number on iPhone

To hide your number when making outgoing calls on iPhone, you’ll have similar steps to the android solution. Hover, there are some apps in the app store that let you do that. But, you don’t even need an app for making your iPhone number private. So, start by going to your iPhone “Settings”, then, find “Phone” click on it.

iPhone settings

In this step, you need to scroll down to find the option, “Show My Caller ID”.

iPhone Show My Caller ID

All you need to do now is to switch between On or Off, that show or hide your caller ID when you make a call on iPhone.

That’s how to make a phone call without showing your real number, it works on iPhone and you don’t have to pay any money to enable the feature.

4. Use a second phone number

There are some good services that let you have another phone number that keeps your real one secret when calling. So, it’s like a virtual cell number that hides your real caller ID. The good thing about this method is that you can use it for free, however, some tools require a premium subscription to give you the best features.

We have a dedicated article about the best free apps to change phone number when calling or texting, so, you can read it and call

On the other side, even if the app work, there is always a way to trace your real ID if the person is someone who deals with these technological things. So, you can use this method to make a prank call if you want or to call a person without showing your real details.

5. Make your number private on a landline

The great code *67 lets you hide any landline number and make it private when calling someone. Virtually, using any North American network, you can dial *67 before the number you want to call, and that will hide your caller ID.

The code $67 is not only dedicated to landlines, so, you can use it on a cell phone to make your number hidden. That way, when you use $67 on a cell phone number, the person will see a blocker or private number instead of your real caller ID. So, *67 is the number you need to put in front to hide your Caller ID or number.

6. Another way to hide your caller ID

If for any reason, none of the above solutions worked for you, then, you still have another solution. However, this needs some time and you can contact your phone carrier to enable the option for all your calls. Of course, this option will need extra configuration in your account settings.

So, when you contact the carrier customer support, ask them if they can hide your caller ID when you call someone or for all the outgoing calls. If there is that option, they’ll ask you to confirm a few things like your number, etc…

This option work at the carrier level, so, you don’t have to change any settings, even when you use another device with the same number. However, there are some cons for using this technology, in reality, some phone carrier may charge you an extra fee for enabling the service for you.

We recommend visiting your official phone provider website, read their guides, frequently asked questions section and you’ll find more details.


These are the best tools and settings that let you make your number private when you call a person. So no one can know or see your real number and that’s helpful for all.

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