Calling Someone Who Has Blocked your Number

How Can I Call Someone who has Blocked my Number?

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Are you dealing with an emergency situation where you need to get a hold of someone immediately, but they have blocked your phone number? Under specific circumstances in emergency situations, you have a couple of options if you’re wondering how to properly call someone who has blocked your number.

When is it Okay to Call back?

Before exploring your options for how to get in contact with the person who blocked you, you should first consider whether or not it’s absolutely necessary for you to call them. Persistently trying to contact someone who doesn’t want to be contacted can lead you onto a path of legal troubles, so use your better judgment.

An example of an emergency situation might be if a loved one is in the hospital, and you need to get a hold of a family member or ex-spouse that has blocked your number after a fight. While calling from another phone might be a better idea, you may not have access to one for whatever reason.

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There is a smart and faster way, you can use a reverse search tool I personally tested and use to know if the person has other numbers or not, if you’re lucky enough and he has another phone, then, you can call him much easier as he was just blocked your number on one smartphone only.

How Do I Know if I’ve Been Blocked?

Sometimes it may be hard to tell whether or not someone has actually blocked you. The signs to look out for vary depending on the model of phone being used to make the call.

Calling Someone Who Has Blocked your Number

In general, you’ll probably hear an automated message saying something like “the number you are calling is not available”. A single ring before this message is another tale tell sign that you are blocked.

In most cases, you should still be able to leave a message, but the person will have to actively seek out the message in their blocked voicemail folders.

Read on to learn how to call back who already blocked your phone number, keeping in mind that this is only appropriate in very specific emergency situations when you’ve considered all other options.

Call back the person who has blocked your number


There is an easy way that you can use to call back the person on an iPhone. This is achieved by using a method to bypass the iOS Call Blocking system. With this method, you simply hide or disguise your number.

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This method will allow you to call the person who has blocked your number, but they won’t see your number come up on their phone. Instead, they’ll see something that says “No Caller ID”. Your call will ring as normal on the person’s phone, and they can decide whether or not to answer.

Here’s how to access the “no caller ID” function on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down until you see the option for “Phone”.
  3. This will take you to a screen showing your number and various options for making calls. You’ll want to scroll to the bottom until you see the option for “Show My Caller ID”.
  4. Unselect “Show My Caller ID” so that the slider is now gray. This means that you can now all someone who has blocked your number.


The method for calling a phone number that has blocked you on an Android cell phone is similar to the process for iOS devices. Again, you are essentially hiding your caller ID to bypass the block.

  1. Go to the Phone application on your Android device.
  2. On the top of the screen, you’ll see three vertical dots (the “More” option). Go here and press “Settings” or “Call Settings”.
  3. Once you’re in Settings, go to the bottom of the screen to the “Advanced” section and select the “More” option.
  4. Here you’ll find an option for Caller ID. It will give you the following choices: Network default, Hide number, and Show number. Tap on “Hide number” and then “Cancel”. At this point, you should be able to make a normal call to the person who has blocked you. Once again, your number will show up as private, so the person you’re contacting won’t know for sure that you are the one calling them.

Some other things to Consider

If you choose to use a hidden caller ID, the person you call will see something that says “No Caller ID”, which can look quite suspicious. You should only pursue this option if you feel it’s absolutely necessary and you are unable to call from another phone belonging to a mutual, trusted friend.

It’s also possible that the person has gone through the more complicated process of blocking your number, even if you’ve hidden your caller ID. This is usually done by downloading a call-blocking app that prevents incoming calls from hidden numbers.

They may also have the “Do Not Disturb” feature turned on, which means that all (or specific) incoming caller IDs are silenced.

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Another way of blocking your number ID from a landline phone is to dial star 67 or *67. This will make it so your number shows up as “Private” or “Unknown”. To do this, simply type in *67 and then the person’s number.

A final option to consider is to use an app that will give you a random number to call with. Many of these types of apps are free to download on most smartphone devices. Depending on the app, you’ll be able to use the random number to easily call or text someone.

Note: Even if you block your caller ID, your number may still be traceable if the person decides to take legal action. If there is any risk of the person pressing charges, it’s best to deliver your message through a different means, such as friend or email.

Be respectful and assess your options

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before trying to call the person who has blocked your number:

  • Is this conversation absolutely necessary? Does it qualify as an emergency?
  • Can I call them from a friend’s phone or a payphone instead?
  • Has the person I’m trying to call told me not to contact them? If so, it may be best to opt out of trying to call them to avoid a legal battle.
  • Am I sure that they have me blocked or are they just in Do Not Disturb mode? Is their phone shut off or has their number changed?

Never harass people; harassment is a sure way to a restraining order. Look at the situation in detail and be realistic.

If you need to call someone from a blocked number, always remember to be respectful of their privacy and ask yourself if there’s a more appropriate way to leave them a message.


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