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Can you Find out Who Someone is by their Cell Phone Number?

There is no doubt that new technologies can help you to find all the type of information you need about any topic or thing. But when it comes to communications and phone calls, there are many services and tools that promise to find who someone is by their cell phone number only.

In reality, that’s true, but only when you use the right tools and phone lookup technologies. So, in this article, we’ll show you the truth, and if you can really find who someone is with full name and personal details using his mobile number.

How to find who a person is using a cell phone number

No matter what type of line the number is, you can always reverse lookup it using any trusted tool we tested and tried. However, keep in mind that with so many sites, options and online tools, you’ll find fake promises and lots of confusion.

Some options let you find who someone is with all his personal details in one place, but what about its accuracy? Can you trust what you read and find in these reports? And what if you get the wrong name, address, and details of a cell phone number you wanted to lookup?

Here is the truth, from what we tested and tried, only a few services offer up to date details and correct information about mobile phone numbers. So, without making things complicated, here are the best services to find a person through his cell phone number.

BV: Trusted phone lookup

BV is a trusted source of information that you can use to find the real person that won a cell phone number. Unlike other tools, this one offers dozens of options, search report tools and even details like the real name of the caller, his location and more.

Sometimes, it’s not advised to call back a number you don’t know. It can be a scammer or a number of a person that you should never call for many reasons. So, it’s better to know who the person is before calling him back. In this case, you can just search for that number and find all the associated information.

Another option

Spokeo is another good tool to find who someone is by adding his cell phone number. The service works well for numbers in the USA, and you can get more options depending on what you find as details. The way that the software collects information from multiple sources also by to be trusted by thousands of users and members. So, give this one a try, and see if you can find the person that called.

Search engines

Don’t just use search engines like Google to find information about topics you know. There are many other ways to use Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and of course Google to find the real name of the person who called with that phone number you doesn’t recognize.

The first thing you need to do is search for the cell phone number that called you, and then, you’ll find related search results. Unfortunately, if you don’t filter these search results, you’ll spend hours and hours reading wrong pages and information. So, instead of that, we recommend using the Google advanced search first, it’s another way to find results the way you want.

In addition, Google advanced search is great and it saves a  lot of time. All you have to do is search for an exact phone number, and if you want, you can search for that number in one country, location, state or even language or website.

How much info can you get from a cell phone number?

The information you get from a cell phone number depends on the tool you use. Indeed, some reverse lookup service provides more information than others, nevertheless, here is what you can find as information:

  • The owner of the number
  • The full name
  • The street address
  • The other phone numbers the person own
  • The relatives
  • Email address
  • Background report (profession, education, etc…)
  • Social media profiles
  • Dating accounts if available

Can you look up cell phone numbers for free?

Unlike the old days of search engines, there are more privacy concerns and issues. So, people want to make their personal details private and hide them from search engines and other tools. That’s why tools like the Google phone lookup has been removed after receiving hundreds of thousands of requests to remove their numbers and details.

At that time, phone lookup was free, easy and fast, however, everything changed now and there is no real way to reverse lookup a cell phone number for free. So, don’t waste your time, especially if the number is private or not recognized.

On the other side, if you need to try a tool that’s free for phone lookup, then, use TrueCaller and see if it work for you. It’s true that the app can be installed on iPhone and Android devices for free, however, it doesn’t tell you who someone is exactly all the time.

But wait, it’s not really free, as you’ll need to give your real name and details in exchange for getting other callers details. So, it’s a risk more than a tool to use. Even more, if the caller has been doing some spam or bad things, then, he may use a number that the app unable to recognize.

In conclusion, everyone can know who someone (a caller) is through the number of his cell phone number. So, try these recommended options and services, and then, compare them based on your own search. If you want to share your feedback on any of these tools, contact us or use the comment section below.

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