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How to Change your Android Caller Screen with a Good Theme

Want to change your Android caller screen? And you find it confusing and not good? So, keep reading this guide, we’ll show you how to change your answering style on Android phone, there are some tips and tricks to apply for best results.

Android is the most popular smartphone OS these days and it comes with great features and flexibility to modify things. However, in some phone lie Nokia or others, the caller screen looks ugly, and even not working the way we want. So, changing the outgoing and incoming calls screen on your phone will fix the problem if you take care of it.

For Nokia 2 phone, for example, you’ll find a bad calling app by default that works poorly. Even worse, you’ll need to slide all the way up that button in order to answer a call. When you drive, with a single hand, you’ll find difficulties and that’s one of the worst things about some of the Nokia phones.

The same problem happens with other devices. So, let’s find out the best way to customize the theme of your smartphone calling interface and make it better, faster and more friendly.

Changing incoming call screen on Android

Replace the default screen calling system

Even with so many apps and great looking themes that you can download, not all of them work especially with the latest Android 7 versions. So, there is a need to test dozens of apps until you find the best one that really works for your smartphone brand and version.

In our tests, the best app that works for Nokia phones and others is HD caller Screen with iPhone 6 theme and options. It’s the lightest one that works without crashing the system and slows it down.

To start, download the app from the official Google Play Store, then, install it and activate it. Next, pick one of the default themes you find and that’s it. However, we recommend turning OFF your old calling app, that way, you test the new app and never cause problems to your android system.

Unlike the ugly Nokia calling theme and app, this new one comes with a simple click and answer buttons. You don’t have to slide any button or complicate things. Even when you drive, you can just click a button and answer or reject a call. Here is a simple screenshot.

Changing the Android Caller screen

You can change the caller them with the one you like, all you have to do is browse the great theme and add it.

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Android Caller theme

Other recommended calling interface apps

I call screen is another free disclaimer incoming call screen that looks good on any device. This tool comes with a similar interface to the iPhone one. This app has fewer numbers of downloads, however, it works well without issues unless you have a  low device RAM. So, only install it if you have 2 GB RAM at least to have the best performances and never crashing the Android system.

Another good app we tested is this one, you’ll like it because it has a lot of features compared to other tools; For example, you can customize the dialer and incoming caller screen with your own photos. Then, you can modify the calling interface photo when you want as you want. However, make sure to use a compressed photo that has a small size to avoid causing issues, especially with big size pictures that can slow down the whole system.

Caller Screen Dialer

We found another cool app that lets you customize the caller interface and get a beautiful picture of your loved ones when they call you and when you call them back. Here is the app that you can try, some users found it confusing to use, however, if you spend a few minutes playing with settings, you’ll be able to add the best features you want.

There are more apps to try and test, however, we don’t recommend wasting the time with tools that can steal your personal information, photos and more. But if the app asks you to allow access to things you know private and sensitive, then, decline it and use another app. The only thing that an app may need is to access your contact list and sometimes your photos if you want to add a custom picture.

So, make sure you learn about your device, what features it has and what are the risks that you should be aware of. All that can help you save your smartphone from online threats, hackers and those who can access your details anytime that way, from anywhere.

Do you need a premium Android caller interface?

All the above recommend app are free, so, you don’t need to install any premium tool if you look for a simple calling interface that looks great and works fast. However, some app may show ads if you access them, and that annoying, especially with excessive advertising. So, if you like an app and you want to add more feature like themes or settings, then, you can upgrade anytime you need, however, we used all these apps for free and they work without issues.

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So, all in all, installing a premium caller interface app should not be your first step. You can try the free option before and then, compare what you get as options with what the tools include for premium versions.

In other cases, you may find a great app that works well, but you’ll struggle with their ads. So, if the subscription cost is a few dollars, then, you can try it. But please don’t buy any expensive app for these easy things, you can find what you need exactly for free. So, if there is any reason to upgrade to a premium version, it will be to remove these Android ads,  simply.

If you’ve installed other cool apps for Android and worked for you, you can suggest them in your comment. And if found any issue with the above-mentioned app, you can tell us more about them and what causes the problem. All these feedback can help users and also developers to make their tolls, work faster, better and never affect your device RAM and CPU.

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