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8 Cool Smartphone Tricks and Hacks for iPhone and Android

Would you like to have cool tricks and hacks that will amaze you? And you need one of the best options for iPhone or Android devices? So, keep reading, we’ll show you a few of the best phone tricks that you’ll like and enjoy using. Make sure you have the latest OS installed before doing anything, and if any feature is not existing on your phone, then, probably, it has been removed or modified from the time of publishing this article.

Great tricks for your phone

1. Hide your private date when letting someone using your phone

Would you like to hide your personal data when someone else is using your phone? Or maybe you have some secrets like photos, video or other that you need to keep safe when you let someone access your document? So, if you’re an Android user, you’ can just use the Guest Mode options. it’s safe and great smartphone trick for all, the Safe Mode lock and hide all your Photos, Gmail, Google services and all the other things from your device.

To do that, swipe down with two fingers from the top of your Android device, and you’ll see the settings icons, next to it, click on the user photos or icon. Next, you’ll see additional options called “Add Guest”. Finally, click on it and you’ll lock all your data.

To remove the Guest user, use the same procedure and this tie clicks the remove guest option. You’ll be asked to validate using your password or fingering as you may configure one of them. That’s it, no one can access your private data when you show them something.

2. Create your custom iPhone vibration for Text messages

This is a cool iPhone trick that you can use right now. You can customize your smartphone vibration the way you like, first of all, go to the settings panel on your iPhone, then, click Sounds, and select the vibration list you prefer. Next click vibration, and click new vibration, and finally, you’ll get a screen where you can type in the center of it the in the sequence you prefer. That will be your custom vibration for all the text message you receive.

3. You can reply to missed calls with custom message

iPhone users can easily create their own reply message for all the missed calls. So, whenever someone calls, and you don’t respond, he’ll get your customized message delivered to his smartphone as a reply. That can be anything you want like “I’ll call you later” or other.

To enable that feature, go to settings on your iPhone, then scroll down until you find Respond with Text, next click on it and you’ll be able to add your own custom reply message.

4. Turn off ads

You can just turn off ads on your smartphone by enabling airplane mode, this works for both iPhone and Android devices. This is not as good as we expect, that will stop making calls and receiving them, however, that can be a great idea if you have something to work n your phone, browsing photos, or just enjoying your best game.

5. Showing Wi-Fi passwords

If you have connected your smartphone to one WiFi source or more in the past, and you want to share the password or us it on other devices, what can you do?

Normally, when you can see in your WiFi lists of networks is just dots for the password. The good news is that you can install an app called Wi-Fi password Show that will make all your passwords shown. That way, you can share the same source of Internet connection with anyone without asking for passwords again.

6. Hide your number for outgoing call on iPhone

This is not the option that all f us want, however, it can be a good feature that someone needs for any good reason. On iPhone devices, you can hide your phone number easily for one outgoing calls by typing *#31# before the number you want to call and it’s done.

On the other hand, you can hide your number from all outgoing calls by typing, you can just type the same code (without adding any number, just validate and send.

7. Audio time

This iOS feature allows you to turn OFF all the audio that play after a certain time your configure. So, for example, if you have a good e-book and you prefer listening instead f reading,  and you want to sleep while listening, you can use the audio time options that will let you listen until your sleep. Best of all, your phone battery will last longer.

To access the feature, go to Clock, and then, Timer, select the right time and then click the “When Timer Ends”, you’ll get a long list of options, you need to scroll down until the last one which is Stop Playing” Click on it and it’s done.

8. Speed up your iPhone and clear the RAM

When you clear the iPhone RAM, you’ll instantly make it working faster, the RAM cache can slow down the device and you can get rid of that in a few seconds. To do that press the power button until the “Slide to Power Off” appears. Now press the iPhone home button for 5 seconds or so, then, it’s done, you’ll notice a faster device.

Another good tip here, to make your phone even faster, turn off all the app you’re not using. Then, when you need them, a simple activate should be fine. Lots of apps use excessive RAM and they can easily make your phone error-free and better in use. And also use an ed block app for web browsers, that will make things even better.

We hope you like these easy smartphone tricks, if you have other tips to share, we’ll be happy to read your email and share them with our readers. There are many features that a few people know about on iPhone and also in Android device and sometimes, people discover cool features by mistake. That’s why we prefer reading from readers and try what they’ve done.

We are a team of Phone and Telecommunication experts and of course, we like to share tips and tricks about new smartphone technologies and more related topics.

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