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Cost to fix or replace a broken smartphone touchscreen

What price are you willing to pay as a cost for fixing or replacing a broken smartphone touch screen when the undesired happens?

It’s always exciting owning a smartphone of any type, especially the very sleek, fanciful devices with a more prominent touchscreen. But wait till you drop one, and you go, ‘OMG,’ wishing and praying under your breath not to have a broken screen. You reach down to pick it up, and there you go, it’s broken!

I have had a similar experience and faced with four options to choose from:

  • DIY- fix the touchscreen myself using online guides, iCracked or DirectFix
  • Get a professional to fix the screen for me
  • Get the manufacturer or smartphone mobile provider to fix it
  • Trade in the smartphone for a new one

Conditions to get your smartphone screen replaced:

  • Some smartphone manufacturers will offer you free fixing service if it happens within the warranty period. But you have to purchase the screen from them.
  • Warranties for some manufacturers do not cover accidents such as dropping your phones.
  • You would be responsible for the total cost for phones whose warranty has expired.

iPhone touchscreen fixing cost

Apple Care+

Apple Care+ plus is Apple’s way of providing affordable maintenance or replacement options for her products. Apple Care+ for iPhone 8 and older versions cost $129 with two years coverage. Apple care+ for iPhone 8+ costs $149 while the all-new X costs $199.

To enjoy its benefit, you should purchase immediately you acquire an Apple phone or within 60 days of making a purchase. When you purchase Apple Care+ you enjoy up to two years coverage for a new purchase.


Take note also that Apple Care+ is valid for only two accidental damages. Each of those two times would only require a service fee of $29 for the damaged screen in addition to tax. But if you opt for express service you would have to pay more.

However, please note that Apple’s warranty is for a limited period and covers any Apple device and accessories. The warranty on an Apple device, however, does not include all manner of defects or unexpected issues.

I always recommend you stick to all fixing and repairs with the manufacturers whether Apple or other brands as a way of retaining your warranty.

The cost ranges from about $100 to $199, also, you might need to consider the cost of shipping to the nearest maintenance center at say $6.95.

Replacing a touchscreen for an iPhone without warranty costs $149 for the old versions like 6, 7 and 8 while $169 for iPhone 6, 7 and 8 Plus. iPhone SE out of warranty costs $129. But with Apple Care+ you pay $29 only for even an X.

For those under their $11 monthly insurance plan Verizon will fix your device for $75. But you can only enjoy a maximum of three screen repairs per annum.

For non-Apple Care customer Apple charges $149 to get your smartphone fixed. It’s a better deal for non-Apple Care customers compared to the initial phone swap with a refurbished device at $229.

Samsung touchscreen repair cost

For Verizon users of Samsung Galaxy S8 on a $7 or more per monthly coverage plan, your screen repairs should cost about $149 deductible.

Verizon offers Samsung users on an $11 monthly insurance plan. In addition, the list of specified brands and versions includes Motorola Droid Turbo, Droid Maxx, Samsung’s Galaxy S5, S6, and S7, Note 4 and 5.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus on eBay cost $239 currently. So, you can locate a large number of sellers but be careful in deciding you to purchase as some sellers on any website are not trustworthy.

Samsung Galaxy S Series touchscreen replacement price:

  • S4 & 5: $149
  • S6 & S6 Edge Plus: $229

Galaxy Note

  • Galaxy Note 3: $179
  • Note 4 & 5: $199
  • Note 4 edge: $229

Cost by an independent phone repairer

Now depending on the brand and how delicate the phone is a third party technician will charge between $150 and $400 to replace the touch screen. The above price is inclusive of the cost of the screen and labor, so, labor alone could cost as much as $50 and $170.

Where to fix your phones include:

  • cost up to $199 for screen replacement plus an offer of 90 days guarantee on repairs
  • Savannah repairs will replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 front glass only costs $129 but replacing both the digitizer will cost about $290.

Fixing your phone screen yourself

Most phone screens are not so expensive to purchase if you intend fixing it yourself. It also depends on whether it is the glass, digitizer assembly frame or LCD that requires replacement. So, the average price could go for between $15 and over $300 depending on the value or worth of the phone. The OEM iPhone 8 LCD screen, for instance, costs more than $300.

Amazon has quite affordable accessories to pick from when trying to replace display screens.

You would also need a kit for dissembling the phone, your DIY work tools include:

  • tweezers
  • screwdriver
  • case opening tool
  • suction cup tool
  • plastic Spurger tool

To fix the screen yourself, you can check eBay or Amazon for the price of the specific screen for your device. But considering the cost of the screen, with a DIY you might end up spending $100 and $350 in total.

Though using videos and guides is possible, in fact, some devices are more delicate to fix except you have some technical skills already.

What you intend saving by trying to fix the touchscreen might eventually cost you more. Even with much caution, you might end up destroying some delicate parts of your phone permanently.

To make it easier to fix and reduce your risk margin, it is best you purchase both the LCD and digitizer. For some brands such as an iPhone and Samsung, I always recommend you stick to the manufacturers’ service center or a qualified third party technician to help replace the touchscreen.

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