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Free Phone Number Lookup by Name

If you want to run a free phone number lookup by name, and then get all the person’s details including address or other things, then, you’re in the right place.

In today’s guide, we’ll show you the best options to find someone’s phone number using his name. The reason for that can be to find someone’s new cell phone number for free, and here we tested the solutions that work and recommend them.

In this guide, we’ll show you:

  • How to lookup phone numbers by name for free
  • The best search options
  • The limitation of using free people search and phone lookup tools.

Free ways to lookup phone numbers by name

Facebook search

Lots of people focus on the social media side of Facebook, so, they use it to communicate with their feeding and family members. However, Facebook is the biggest database of people in the world. So, the system knows more about you and your details even more than what you think. Thus, you can use the Facebook search option to find someone in the first place using just the full name.

Of course, we say, people search, we prefer adding the location after the name. That way, we increase the chances to get the exact profile and not the wrong accounts. You can also add other details if you know something about the person that can help.


To run a phone number search by name, Google will be a good choice, especially if you know many details about the person. Things like age, location, eye color, ethnicity, education, and others can help a lot. So, to search with Google and find phone numbers, type in the search box the full name or use the advanced search. It’s faster, more accurate and can save hours searching and filtering the results.

You have to be patient if you really want to find a good result. There is no magic tool that finds people from just their names.


This is another search engine that started attracting more and more users because of its privacy feature. It does not track searches you make as Google does. But in terms of quality, it’s not better than Google anyway. It’s a small search engine compared to Google, however, it’s good enough to let you find people online using their names only.

To do that, add the first and last name and search, you’ll get lots of search results and of course, you’ll need to filter them. Keep in mind that this search engine works differently than Google, so, DuckDuckGo crawls the web independently and it can find details that Google may not get access to.

And the opposite is right, Google may find details that other search engines have no access to. So, give it a try and see if you can find the person’s phone number by using his name, it’s free in the end.


WhitePages is also free to use and to find or lookup phone numbers, but don’t judge it without even trying it. I know lots of people who think that WitePage is not free, but in the truth, you can search for people and find their number and address for free.

free phone number lookup by name

To get accurate and free cell phone number lookup by name with this search engine, don’t just use the name, but also, add the city, state or the zip code. You can skip these details of course, but that will not make things better for your search results. On the other side, when the user adds the city or the zip code, the WitePages search engine can scan millions of details and record and only show you the names that are located in that location.

Is phone number lookup by name free?

With so many technologies and options, you’ll find websites claiming they offer a truly free phone lookup service using the person’s name. But once you try them, you’ll find that the service will be paid and, in this case, it’s not really free.

That being said, there still be good phone lookup services that work for free, but don’ expect to get the results fast. You’ll need to browse lots of numbers and name in order to find the exact person you’re looking for.

So, phone lookup can be done for free, but that needs some time and research. Even more, the free database does not provide accurate details. You may find the person number, but they will be outdated and he already changed his cell number recently.

In other cases, you’ll be asked to enter your credit card number or so, so, don’t do if you don’t need that. Otherwise, if you should find a person’s phone number through his name, then, we recommend using a paid tool like this one, it’s the only professional phone lookup service that works like a magic.

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