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How to find someone’s changed cell phone number

Want to find a person’s new cell phone number that has been changed? And you don’t know how to get it without asking? So, keep reading the full guide, we’ll show you how to find a number that has been replaced using the best methods tools, and apps.

Find a person’s new changed phone number

Instead of wasting the tie with days of search and hope that you get a result, we recommend these easy methods that work. So, follow these steps one by one until you find the new number that a person changed without telling you about it. That happens a lot, and people change their mobile numbers for many reasons.

Use advanced tools

The BV tool is the best way to find a person’s new numbers using his old cell phone number. The lookup algorithm uses the most sophisticated technologies and methods to scan the web, and brings a lot of data from different sources. So, even if there is a hidden detail, the system can find it and list it for you in the report.

Here is what you can find in addition to all the other numbers that someone owns.

Find someone's changed cell phone number

As you can see from the above screenshot, the report contains different details about the number you searched for. So, there are more numbers, social media accounts, and much more detail.

Now, if you have the old numbers, that’s good, you have the fastest method to get the details. On the other side, here is how to find someone’s new telephone number if you know his name and location. What you need is to change the search from phone number to full name and location.

That way, you can type in the search box anyone’s first name, the last name, and then, add the state if you know it. Next, filter the search results until you find the exact profile you look for. Under the contact details tab of that person, you’ll find any secret number you want.

This tool uses advanced technologies to update the database daily and help you to get what you need as details. However, if you find no other numbers, try this trick, under social media accounts, you’ll find if the person has accounts on Facebook or other sites.

From there, you can visit each of these websites and search for any phone number there. So, you have multiple search options and many ways to get the number.

Use InFotracer

If you’re unable to find a person’s number that has been changed using the above tool, then, give this one a try. It’s a trusted service that offers reverse phone lookup with accurate data. Even better, there are more search options, so, you can just use the first name, the last name, or add the location if you want.

If you don’t have any of these details, then, try the email search option, it can help you to find someone’s phone number through his email address.

Keep in mind that this online tool works only for numbers in the USA and not in any other country. So, if you need to find anybody’s other number, then, starts with a valid US number in the search box. In addition, there is a great directory to find numbers of people by browsing names.

That takes longer, however, it’s an alternative option to filter the profiles and finds the exact person with mobile number and other details.


Facebook search become advanced compared to years ago. People can use the search tool to find people, their numbers and more details. However, what we need today is only the phone search secret. Facebook lets you find people using their cell phone numbers they used to signup.

For that reason, it’s easy to get them back without even asking for their profiles. But remember, you need the new phone number through the old one. So, if the person has changed the number, there is always a chance to find his new one there. Just check the about page or similar details.

Try Phone Registry

This is another tool that can help you to find a new phone number from the old one. So, make sure you copy and paste the number and click the search button. If there is any contact detail with newly discovered mobile numbers, you’ll find them in the report.

We used this tool and it worked, but it’s not accurate and not faster than the first recommend options in this article. So, give these tools the first search, and if there is no number, then, try this one.

If you want to find someone’s changed phone number, but without calling, you have to use one of the above services. They work without issues, especially with modern browsers.

Why do people change their mobile numbers without letting you know?

In reality, it’s not always a personal problem if someone uses a new cell number instead of the old one. It can be a matter of spam calls he received and wanted to get rid of them. Or, it can be a problem of privacy, and the person tried to fix a problem by using new contact details.

On the other side, people change their number to end a relationship, to forget someone, or even to protect themselves from danger. So, there are many reasons for someone to keep his cell number hidden and secret. However, you can find these numbers using any of the above search options.

So, this is how to find the new cell phone number that someone has changed without letting you know about it. If you used any other method, we’ll be happy to hear from you, let us know about your feedback, ideas, and tips.

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