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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

Now, what’s the deal regarding how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone? No doubt, protecting one’s text messages on a mobile device is something a lot of us hold dearly for so many reasons.

Besides the use of smartphones for calls, browsing the internet, seeing lovely videos or listening to exciting musicals text messaging functions is one complex and vital function most phone users cannot do without. Hence, the thought of not been able to retrieve or recover lost text messages on iPhone is something that could create a high degree of panic in most people.

Actions such as mistaken deletion of important messages, iTunes or iCloud restore, upgrade of the device, updating of iOS, jailbreak, etc. are all means through which messages could get deleted from iPhones. How valuable could text messages on iPhone be?

How valuable is text messaging function on iPhones

Text messaging allows phone users the opportunity to carry out multiple functions on their iPhones. And some of these tasks include:

Social Network Messages:

People keep tab of their chat history with family, friends, colleagues and business associates to refer to it when required.

Smartphone messages:

A lot of us possess SMS messages of up to a decade old some of these messages are a rare gem, carrying heartfelt messages of loved one, long-lost relatives and friends or vital information you might need in the future.

Audio, video, photo messages:

That crucial audio memo, video messages, and photos that hold essential memories of the past could just get lost by one wrong setting on your phone or mistaken deletion of messages causing you much agony and misery.

Is there any hope to recover deleted messages on iPhone?

Worry no more because the answer is yes! Whether on iPhone 4,4s,5,5s,6,6s,7,7+,8,8+,X or iOS 9-11 is it very possible to recover any deleted message.

So, what happened to my deleted messages before?

When you delete a message on your iPhone, it becomes invisible like a smokescreen. You stop seeing the message on your phone and assume it’s no longer there. What happens is that the system technically keeps the message hidden from view within the iPhone when you delete. So, all you need do I look for a way to locate those hidden files marked as removed and then restore back to your messages.

How to retrieve your deleted text messages on iPhone

You could adopt different strategies in retrieving deleted text messages from your iPhone. For some of these methods if you are not a computer expert it might look a bit technical making it almost impossible to recover deleted text messages. However, you could also rely on the help of professional iOS data recovery expert or use software to retrieve deleted text messages.

Strategies For Recovering Deleted Text Messages In An iPhone

Use iOS data recovery software

iOS data recovery software like Dr. fone provides you with some of the best third-party data recovery app for recovering deleted or lost messages on your iPhone.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

What you require:


  • Launch Dr. Fone app on your PC or laptop
  • Connect USB cable to your PC or laptop and your iPhone
  • Click on recover
  • Once the program launches thoroughly, you will see the entire apps and iPhone menu displayed on the Dr. Fone windows environment.
  • To search for deleted files and messages go to the bottom right corner of the Dr. Fone windows and then click on ‘Start scan.’ It might last a few minutes pending on the volume of data you have inside.
  • Once the scan completes, push notification to ‘ON’ the option ‘only display deleted items.’
  • If your files are much, you can now use search to locate the particular deleted file you want if not just click on file to preview and then mark the checkbox before clicking on ‘recover to computer’ to transfer the deleted file back to your computer.
  • Finally, move the message to your iPhone from the computer.

Useful tips to note when using Dr. Fone

Make sure you update your iTunes to the latest version before using Dr. Fone. Before launching Dr. Fone always remember to disable iTunes from syncing with to your iOS automatically. Here is what to do:

  • Go to iTunes and click – Preferences
  • Click on Devices and then check the box with – Prevent iPhones and others from automatic sync.

You can choose between recover to the device or recover to the computer to recover the deleted file.

Recover from iCloud backup or website

If you before now used iCloud to back up your files, then you could choose to recover deleted messages from data via iCloud. Unfortunately, iCloud does not back up all messages from every aspect of your device but to check you can go to Settings and locate Manage Storage to search for any backups with the deleted text messages.

But please note that to back up like this using iCloud might restore your phone to factory setting. It leads to loss of current messages, photos and videos on your iPhone if you choose to restore the old backup and of course you should have some valuable data you can’t afford to lose. Hence, to avoid the loss of existing files, we recommend Dr. Fone. But if you want to continue here is what to do:

If you choose to overwrite then go to – Setting > General and click on reset to erase. After that, you will need to setup your iPhone from scratch. But you could try the iCloud website option as an alternative to overwriting:

  • Use your Apple details to log on to
  • Check for text messages. If it is not here, it means you did not back up the messages.
  • If the messages are there, then proceed to your device settings and click iCloud to turn off not turn on but ‘off’ text messages.  A pop-up message should appear once you turn off a text message.
  • Click on ‘keep on my phone’ then turn text messages back on.
  • Push the notification ‘merge’ and watch as the deleted text messages reappear on your iPhone.

Or choose iTunes backup Option

iTunes gives you an alternative location to recover deleted files backed-up to your PC or laptop but will still overwrite current iPhone data. Here is how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone:

  • Connect your iPhone to PC or laptop and wait for iTunes to open automatically but if not then launch manually.
  • Click on ‘restore backup’ once it launches.
  • Within a few minutes, it will overwrite existing data on your iPhone.

Get help from phone service provider

The last option I recommend to recover deleted data from your phone is to contact your phone service provider for data recovery. Most phone service providers have a backup of your daily activities including text messages, photos, and videos and can provide backup service. Contact their customer care for more details.

Please, to avoid loss of data often always take advantage of Dr. Fone data recovery app to back up your files or recover them. You could also choose to back up valuable data to your PC or laptop regularly and retrieve them when you need them on your iPhones.

We are a team of Phone and Telecommunication experts and of course, we like to share tips and tricks about new smartphone technologies and more related topics.

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