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How to report a phone number that keeps calling

Do you want to stop spammers from calling you? And you tried different ways and marketers still bombard your cell phone with commercial calls? So, here is how to report a phone number that keeps calling, and what you can do to know the callers.

Before reporting annoying phone calls

Before starting you need to know who is calling you from that phone number, what if you get the person’s details? In this case, you’ll get more details to use when you report them to governments or official authorities in the US or any country.

So, to find out the caller, you’ll need to use this great tool, it lets you scan a phone number to find who belongs to in seconds. If you can’t find any details with that tool, make sure you use these services. You’ll get more options.

Reporting spam or scam phone calls

There are a few options that really work, and here, we’re going to show you the best ways to follow.

Report the caller to the police

This is not always the same, as there are many differences in law between countries, states and even cities. Depending on your location, you can let the phone carrier know about the case first, or directly report the annoying phone call to your nearest police bureau.

Make sure you have the right number and the times of the calls. It’s also recommended to record the calls, you can install any call recording app for free and use it when you need it. That’s especially helpful for harassing phone calls, and if you want to know the person more, you can use the tool we recommended at the beginning of this article, it works.


Report scam or identity thief

You can also report nuisance calls using the Federal Trade Commission website, that’s the case if you find a scammer or someone claims to be someone from your family or from a governmental agency or things like that. The federal authority will take that seriously and investigate more in order to take action as soon as possible.

There is a dedicated official website for identity theft that you can use, it has all the details and tools you need.

If you’re in the UK, and you want to report someone who keeps calling you can use this website to fill a report.

Remove your number from robocall lists

This is easy but does not guarantee to stop the caller, however, it’s a must-have step in order to decrease the spam you receive on your mobile phone especially. There is a dedicated website for that, is able to help you remove your landline and wireless phone number from telemarketing and robocalls.

Block the number

If nothing happens and the number keeps calling, then, it’s better to stop all these harassing phone calls from your device. There are many options and apps for that and depending on your device, blocking a phone call can be done in one minute or two. Check your phone call settings and you’ll find the option to add a number to the blacklist and get rid of it completely.

What to do next?

Even if you successfully stopped the caller from texting you again and spamming, you should take action and learn from your own mistakes. The majority of people add their phone numbers on their Facebook accounts, they sign-up with their number on different social networks and so on.

So, from there, a spammer can extract your number and use it. In addition, there are many cases when people lose thousands of dollars because of a credit card number they shared in emails.

So, the simple lesson here is, never add or share your phone number online with anyone. And never use your number to sign-up for online services, there is always the options to use the email. However, if you should use a number, make sure it’s not your main one, and of course, remember that you may have created online accounts in the past and your cell number can be found there easily.

So, take action first, and remove all the numbers you added to accounts you created and get rid of spammers.

Pro tip:

Nothing can be better than installing a phone number identification app like TrueCaller or others. These tools show the number owner and his real name when you receive a call. So, even if the number is not in your contacts list, the services scan the database for possible related people and show you the name. That way, you can always know who is calling before accepting the call.

What if the number is from another country?

If you find yourself with an unknown caller from a different country, then, it’s better to start with knowing where the caller is located. To do that, just search for the number prefix in Google and you’ll find the exact country.

Next, search for ways to report the called in that country, if you’re lucky, you’ll find an official agency like the one in the US and the UK that handle the spam calls and telecommunications.

The report an international scam call online, use the website, and add the details you can to help them investigate more.

We also found a great website to report scams in Australia, it’s called ScamWatch and you can use it if you think the targeted called is located in that country.

In addition, there are many online scam reporting websites you can use, people read the online complaints about people, companies, products, and services before buying or even responding to an unknown call. So, you can take an extra step and add your own complaint about a phone number you think is being used for spam or scam.


By following the above-recommended steps, you’ll be able to report anyone who keeps calling, and if you can find the person with name and address, that can help better especially with online authorities.

If you used any other way and you stop the calls, then, share it with us, that help in all the cases.

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