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How to stop telemarketers from calling your cell phone

With many telemarketing agencies and spammers, it’s not easy to block all these calls all the tile. So, In this article, we’ll show you how to stop telemarketers from calling your mobile, all you have to do is follow our steps.

But first, let’s understand how and why you’re getting so many telemarketing calls on your cell phone.

Why do you get so many nuisance calls?

In reality, it can be your problem or someone else who causes the issue for you. The phone numbers is one of the things you should keep private, and never share with anyone you don’t know personally.

You can add another second number if you want to protect your identity and even block telemarketers. However, if you post your cell number on social media sites like Facebook, then, what you expect? Sooner or later, a program will find your phone numbers and add them to any telemarketing agency database.

In addition, if you have a website, a blog or even a simple web page with detail about you, then, never add a phone number unless you really need it for business purposes or things like that.

Now, even if you keep your number secret, spammers still have the option to find it by tracing calls or things like that. So, if they have access to someone else phone and they can see with whom he communicates, then, they can find your mobile number and use it for telemarketing.

How to block unwanted telemarketing calls?

There are simple steps you need to follow in order to really block those spam calls on your cell phone numbers. So, what you need first is the phone number that keeps calling you.

1. Identify the source of the call

This is very important before you even think about blocking any telemarketing phone number from calling, you should first know who they are, what they do and even where they’re exactly with map position, etc…

Years ago, these details were not easy to find and only available to a very limited number of people. Nowadays, there are great companies who scan the web and find every single detail about any number who called you. We recommend reading our best ways to find phone number owners with details like location, names, accounts on social media sites and even relatives.

With any of the recommended reverse phone lookup tools we tested and tried, you’ll find a lot of details about the number who called your mobile.

2. Report the phone number

Now, that you have details about the telemarketing agency that calls you, you can report their number using one of the official government websites in the USA or in other countries if you want. So, make sure you opt-out from any telemarketing list by using the Do Not Call option.

If you used the first step above, you should have all the details like the website, social media accounts, etc…So, you can use these details to contact the company directly and ask them to remove your number from their telemarketing lists.

To do that, use any information you find like the name of their company, the manager, etc… With Google search, you’ll be able to find the people behind this agency or at least their website.

Next, browse their website to find the contact page, and send them the email telling them that you don’t want to get any of their calls. Believe it or not, that can work for many people, however, the success rate may be different depending on the telemarketing company and their customer support if they have one of course.

If the phone number keeps calling and you find no way to get rid of it, then, go further and report it to your nearest police bureau. That’s the final step to completely remove your number from spam callers using legally.

3. Block their number

With a smartphone, you have many options to block numbers with a few clicks of the button. So, you can easily block spam numbers using one of the popular call blocking apps.

You can search for them on Google, Play or App Store. However, one of the best free call blocking apps that work is TrueCaller, it works for millions of numbers.

The caller identification and blocking apps work better if you have a smartphone with 2 GB RAM and more. That’s what we tested and know, the call-blocking tools for both Andron and iOS need to scan their cloud database to find out if the phone number that calling is linked to anyone or not.

So, if you add the network connection speed and the CPU of your device, you’ll find that the faster phone you have, the better you’ll be able to identify the unwanted calls and block them.

On the other side, if you only use your default call blocking feature, then, that’s better for you, however, that’s only recommended if you block one or two numbers. If you receive a lot of telemarketing calls, then it’s better to have a dedicated call blocking app that can protect you from spam.

How to protect your mobile phone number

Without being responsible and careful in using your cell phone number, you’ll make it easier for spammers to call you days and nights. Luckily, there are some easy things you can apply to get rid of these nuisance telemarketing calls.

If you have a Facebook account, make sure you use a different phone number for that purpose only. So, instead of using your main mobile number for website signups, you can have an alternative solution for that. So, second phone numbers apps let you have a private ID that no one can use.

Another way to prevent spam calls from telemarketers, you can remove your number from Google search.

Google may still index web pages that have your number on them. So, when someone searches for your name, location, and some other details, Google may list your numbers if you added it to any website as a verification method.

Thus, to find out if your number is indexed in Google, search for it, and if you find it, then, make sure you follow the official Google personal data removal page.

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