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How to stop unwanted calls on your cell phone

It could be so annoying right? Yes, those persistent calls from promotional numbers or that person who won’t just stop calling and let you have some peace? Then, you just must know how to stop unwanted calls on your cell phone, we’ll show you the best ways to use for both the USA and the UK phone services.

There is a time you feel the need for some solitude. And having a phone interruption to your trend of thoughts is just not what you need at that moment. Or it’s been a hectic day at work, and you sure need to catch a quick nap before anything else.

Use one of these services to reveal the real identities of unknown phone callers.

Maybe because you forgot to or do not know how to restrict calls and here you are facing interference to your reverie. No worries, mobile phones are fitted with unique features to help organize your activities. Now let’s take you through some ways to stop those nuisance calls from driving you nuts.

Stop spam numbers on mobile phones

  1. using your phone settings command
  2. over the internet phone blocking method
  3. using a mobile application
  4. getting help from the phone service provider

1. Use your phone settings

To successfully block nuisance calls on your mobile, following these easy steps:

  • go to the phone call or dial screen
  • click the three dots on the top right of your phone screen that looks like a menu for a dropbox menu.
  • now, you need to click setting
  • locate the calls option and click calls
  • look out for the auto reject list and click on it, then, auto reject list makes it possible to determine what happens when calls come in.
  • click on the message you wish your callers to see when they try to call you as the call won’t go through.

Settings Menu

  • go to “settings” on your phone menu
  • locate “Blocking Mode” from the list and click it
  • slide the tab at the top to the right to activate blocking mode
  • click the check button to keep: Blocking incoming calls, as checked. If you uncheck incoming calls then calls will come through, so only uncheck the features you don’t want active.
  • scroll down to allowed contact and use that to determine which list of contacts you want or do not want to call through.

To block a recent caller

  • go to dial pad or phone call screen
  • click on your call history or call log
  • locate the number from your list of the last few calls and click on the one of interest.
  • find the three dots to the top right corner of your phone and click to bring a drop-down menu
  • click on Add to reject list. That helps to ensure the caller does not get through to you at any time except you choose. You can turn off the blocking mode tab and opt to keep adding more numbers to the reject list.

Stop spam calls over the Internet

Another means of blocking and completely stopping spam cell phone calls is via the web using Google Voice on your personal computer.  To do that, follow the following steps:

  • locate the contact details on Google Voice
  • there are three links; call, SMS and More
  • click on the more link by the caller’s name for the drop-down menu to appear
  • choose on block caller
  • click “Block” to confirm. You can also unblock any number using the same link.

Using mobile applications

You can get access to so many mobile applications or software online for blocking bad or harassing calls. They include:

Mr. Number: With this tool, it is possible to block both texts, also calls area codes.

Mr. Number also keeps a list of blocked contacts.

Extreme call blocker:

  • go to the Menu list and click on Block log
  • click on menu/ image at the top to the right
  • next, “Add New Number”
  • choose from the contact list, phone number, and name to block
  • click a message to determine the actions you want or don’t want to occur.
  • determine the numbers you want to block or if it is all calls.

True Caller: True Caller is on both iOS and Android phones. It can automatically detect spam calls due to working with an online database. True caller maintains a list of recent spam calls which is used to filter calls to your phone.

Avast call blocker: I guess you are familiar with Avast? Yes, Avast is an anti-virus, but it has some features that can allow you to place some restrictions like a firewall. It helps to block spam numbers from going through based on the specification.

Use a good agency service (UK option)

If resident in the United Kingdom, one way to stop those unwanted callers is to register with the Telephone Preference Service, UK. The TPS is the official opt Out Service Agency of the UK and can help de-list or reject numbers you do not want calling you again. You can add both your residence and office number to the Agency’s list if you want. It is illegitimate for companies to call you without consent.

You can register with TPS free of charge. All you need is to visit their website to add your e-mail, phone number, and postcode. Or from the phone to register for de-listing purpose send TPS SMS Code by texting: ‘TPS’ and email address to 85095. Wait as you should receive a reply once your number addition is successful.

Get help from an agency service (US option)

The US free call blocking service is known as the Do Not Call Registry. It helps check unnecessary disturbance when you sign up on the website. The Do Not Call Registry of the US, however, only checks some telemarketing companies and not all calls. So I suggest you could add that of your phone setting or contact the mobile service provider to help.

Using the mobile service provider

Most mobile service providers have features that can allow you to determine calls to receive or block. AT&T, for example, use the Smart Limits for young phone users to set a limit as to who can call you by delisting those numbers. You could also use AT & T call blocking code by dialing *60 and wait for the prompting to add the number to delist. Once blocked, the number only gets an SMS showing successfully.

Dealing with annoying callers is an on-going process. As new methods evolve to stop unsolicited calls, technological advancement is helping to fuel different means to call still through. One other way to block unwanted calls could include unsubscribing or send a reply SMS to the codes usually sent to stop receiving those messages.

Also, call the telemarketing company to request they stop making cold calls or use inbound call blockers and so many other options. Now, you can enjoy some peace and quietness again!

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