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How to know if someone has another cell phone number?

Looking for ways to find out if someone has another phone number? And you need to find the truth about the person, like all his owned phones and social media accounts, So, keep reading, we’ll show you how to find the secret cell numbers and more.

There are many times when we want to know if a person has another cell phone number in parallel with his main one. That can be used for investigations, identity validation or more. So, here, we’ll show you the best ways to find the second (or more) numbers owned by someone.

Find anyone’s secret cell phone number

We tested dozens of tools and only a few of them worked like what it’s supposed to be. So, here are the best ways to use to uncover secret mobile numbers that people have.

Use BV

BV is a great source of information and people search. The advanced database scanning system makes everything easy, fast and secure. To find all the hidden telephone numbers that a person may own, you can just lookup his main number, then, you’ll get all the other contact details associated with it.

If you already know the email address, then, things will be easier and you’ll get the best search reports. In reality, when you use the advanced platform and lookup anybody’s email account, you’ll get the associated contact information, and of course, you may get hidden cell numbers you don’t know about.

The other option is to use the person’s name to find all the associated numbers in one list. This can take longer than the first option. You’ll get many results and you’ll need to filer them to find the exact one.

phone numbers that someone own

This trusted background check company has more to offer than regular search options. You can find all the data related to someone you want to know by using one of the best options.

As you can see from the above example, there is a section called “contact Information”, from there, you can find a list of telephone numbers that someone has. This useful information can be used to call a person even if he hides his phone number. So, you still have a second option or even more to call him when the main number is not working.

Lots of people hide their second phone numbers and your boyfriend or girlfriend may have one without even talking about it. So, to find a partner’s secret numbers, use the above site and save time and effort. It works, and every time we try it finds the big majority of details we look for.

Use InfoTracer

InfoTracer is one of our best-recommended people search and reverse phone lookup tools. We tested their website and it worked well. To use the tool, add the name, the location, and state if you have them. Or just type in the details you know. Then, the system will search, and filter the results for possible records.

If you have doubts that your husband has a secret mobile number no one knows about, then, starts with a background check report. Use his first and last name, then, change the search parameters to the email address if you get no results.

Make sure you have the correct details, a simple spelling mistake can give a wrong result.

Use Facebook

This is not the best option, but a relative way, if nothing worked for you as search results. Facebook is not only a social network, but a big people search database with billions of records. If you have the person’s cell number, just type it in the search box, and wait for the results.

If you get the social media accounts associated with that phone number, then, browse the timeline or the “about” section for any additional contact details.

Lots of people have more than a single phone number, so, they can use them to activate Facebook profiles.

Have a look at Google or Bing

Of course, Google is the best and the biggest, so, start with a simple search. Type in the full name and even location, and you’ll find search results. Google scans the web for data and mentions in web pages, comments and more. So, it has more ways to find the results about anyone on the web.

If there is any given information about in a blog comment, for example, you may find associated details you need. The same thing applies to online forums and other websites.

Bing uses different ways and ranking factors, so, if the name is not on Google, you can find it with Bing. Search for the name, or address if you know it and other details. That way, you’ll increase the chances of getting the associated contact details about people.


This is what you can do to find other phone numbers that someone has. Keep everything friendly and only use these ways for legal ways. Respect the others’ personal privacy and avoid any problem that may appear when someone is hiding his numbers.

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