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5 Mobile Phone Tracker Options: Do they really work?

Want a good mobile phone tracker tool? and you look for ways to track a phone number on the map? So, read the full article and apply our best tips and tricks.

It sounds interesting to know you can keep track of an individual or your smartphones via phone tracking devices or so it appears. But the first question to ask and get an accurate answer to is, do phone trackers really work or deliver the service they claim to perform? Every day new apps get introduced into the technology market for smartphones.

Different apps for Android phones, iPhones and more all promising to help keep tab of you or your loved ones for security and effective communication.

If phone trackers work as much as they claim then it means you should have no worries when you misplace your smartphones at home or in the office.

In cases where your phone gets stolen but has a tracking device, it should give you some comfort knowing you could track and possibly recover the phone without much stress. Especially for security reasons and for the vital information contained in your smartphone you sure do not want it in wrong hands. But the question then is does phone tracker really work?

Considering several complaints about phone tracking apps and their disappointments, intermittent failure tracking with Android Device Manager, how truly effective is a phone tracker in living up to its billing? Now, let’s explore the reasons for cell phone tracker then discuss more on the options for tracking your device location afterward.

5 Reasons for which you need a cell phone tracker

Stay connected with family and friends

Now connecting with family and friends is one reason a mobile phone tracker could be helpful. It allows family members keep updates about each person’s location or activity always. A phone tracker makes it easy for mum and dad to be sure their kids or wards do not get in harm’s way. With all family members plugged in on the same app, it could provide a means to regularly update each other on each other’s activity and avoid panics or surprises.

Keep hackers and cybercriminals away

Cyber-crime is real and on the increase. So, a mobile phone tracking app makes it possible to check on your kids and wards to know where they are always, what they are up to, the sites they visit, the kind of information they share and more. Access to information is just what a cybercriminal or hacker needs to succeed and kids are softer targets to reach other family members.

Monitor employee activities

To maintain productivity levels and ensure compliance with company policy in and out of the office, employee tracker helps employers ensure they get value for their money. Through employee tracking app, employers can now keep tab of employees, their location, interactions and other work-related functions.

Monitoring your spouse or partner

Are you feeling cheated by your spouse? Then, maybe a mobile phone tracker could help clear your doubt or possibly confirm your suspicion. Using an undetected phone tracker on your spouse’s smartphone can help you know what your spouse is up to, his or her location and even messages.

To recover or track a stolen phone

Now I think this is the coolest side to a mobile phone tracker. You could actually track your own phone lines to know its location once it is stolen. When you sign up for a free account with a phone tracking company you can link the phone to your computer. So, it becomes easy to track from your PC once the phone gets missing or stolen.

Recover or track a stolen phone

How does a mobile phone tracker work?

Tracking a mobile phone really works best through the use of apps to keep you updated. But you need to be sure your choice for a tracking app is a trusted and verified one to avoid giving hackers access to your device. Now, let’s see how to find someone’s location by cell phone number or using apps.

mobile phone tracker

Using GPS mobile phone tracker

The use of GPS tracking service provides a simple means to track one’s phone. Most mobile devices such as Samsung, an iPhone, an Android phone including the non-smart phones have GPS capabilities. Once you enable GPS settings on your phone you can keep tab of your phone functions and location anytime.

It is also possible to track other person’s location but you would need to activate GPS on both devices.

Using GPS for Android

Go to settings > click on security options

  • Turn on: remotely locate this device’ to enable GPS function in stealth mode.
  • Go to Android Device Manager
  • Login to the attached Google account for that device
  • Now you can see the device’s location.

Using GPS for iPhone

  • Go to settings > click on iCloud
  • Check to be sure the Find My iPhone tab is switched on.
  • Use another iPhone device to confirm by opening the Find My iPhone app.
  • Enter the attached iPhone ID you need to track.
  • Wait for the location to pop up.
  • Using Cell Phone towers for tracking

Using Location Area Code (LAC) for GSM/CDMA/WCDMA with their CID, SID, NID and BID codes offer more guarantees for tracking a device’s location. Cell phone towers can provide more useful information than GPS options in locating your device using triangulation.


  • Smartphone make and model
  • Internet access
  • Software to access location
  • PC with Google map

To get device location you need the following codes:

MCC: Mobile Country Code

MNC: Mobile Network Code

LAC: Local Area Code

CID: Cell ID

You can get the MCC and MNC online but you would require the mobile phone to access LAC and CID to get a more accurate location of the cell phone.

Final Stage

  • Visit: Cell Phone Tracker(
  • Fill in the MCC, MNC, LAC and CID details and wait for the results in a few minutes.
  • Other ways to track a person’s phone

Find My friend & Find My Location

Android and Apple devices have different means of helping you locate your device or another device’s location. It requires activating the service from the Settings and app locations of both devices to get updates on the device’s location always.

Connect and Apps

Connect helps gather a person’s social media activities and locations. Other apps and tracking software can gather social media feeds, call logs, messages and more to give you regular updates on the device location and activities.

Phone Tracker

Mobile phone tracker provides GPS feeds about the person’s location regularly.

Phone carrier

Major phone carrier services such as Verizon, AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. all have capabilities to track a phone’s location by the minute. so depending on why you need the information, you can get permission to locate the device.

How to disable location finder on your phone

For Android Phones

  • Locate App on your device > click on settings > scroll to click on location
  • Next click on the ling Google Location Settings
  • Click on location reporting and history
  • Switch slider to off position for each one of them.
  • You can choose to delete the location history.

For Apple phones

  • Click on settings > go to privacy
  • Click on location services
  • Locate system services at the bottom
  • Click frequent location for location history
  • Disable to turn location service off.

So many apps exist that help track your device location but not all of them delivers with precision. The best measure in tracking a smartphone location is before it gets stolen or misplaced.

To track a loved one’s location requires their consent if not you could be carrying out an illegal action. Legal restrictions also exist with regards monitoring employee information. So, it is best to work within the confines of the law or get consent from family members and friends if you must track their location. But tracking your device location can help for the security breach and more.

We are a team of Phone and Telecommunication experts and of course, we like to share tips and tricks about new smartphone technologies and more related topics.

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