best smartphones with longest battery lifespan

5 Top Smartphones with the Longest Battery Life in 2017: Best Reviews and Specs

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Do you know anything about smartphones with the longest battery life? When trying to choose what smartphone to purchase do you ever consider smartphones that last longer? Or is your focus on the so many other features that make a phone smart? Do things such as display screen size, screen resolution, camera photo quality, processing speed, RAM and more becloud …

Phone Number Search

Best Phone Number Search Websites and Services Providers

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Want good¬†phone number search websites online? Are you looking for someone’s cell number and you want a fast way to get it? So, keep reading this article, we’ll show you the right ways to reveal the number with easy tool and options with no technical skills needed or complicated things. There are hundreds of ways to find anyone’s numbers, but …

unlocked Smartphones for 300 dollars or less

5 Best Unlocked Smartphones to purchase in 2017 under $300 in the US

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This year 2017 sprang some more surprises with the flooding of the US market with some of the best unlocked smartphones to purchase under $300. The disruption with prices of smartphone devices between high-end phones and mid-range ones cannot be wished away with the wave of the hand. What makes it increasingly impressive is the fact that the hardware and …

Best Samsung Phone to Buy

Best Samsung Phone to Buy In 2017: Top features & category

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Getting the best Samsung phone to buy in 2017 could be quite challenging owing to the so many unique and fascinating smartphones by Samsung alone. Today’s mobile market is highly competitive and flooded with a variation of phones your heart could ever desire further creating confusion on what to pick. It is evident that Android devices offer some of the …