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Phone Lookup Tools you Can Use to Find Names of Unknown Callers Easily

Every day, millions of people just like you receive unwanted calls from unknown people. It becomes a problem these days to identify and stop those callers. Luckily, you can use a good phone lookup tool like the ones below. You’ll be able to search people using their phone numbers, then, you can identify them. Later, you can make contact with the caller or find its’ current location easily.

Phone Detective

Phone Detective is the best phone lookup tool that uses a huge database of numbers across the US. In seconds, you can find the exact name and address of the person who is calling you. Unlike the other reverse phone lookup tools, this is a premium service. That means a better occurrence and more features. For example, you can find the current address of the caller. Additionally, the website provides a background check and previous numbers of the caller.

This premium phone lookup tool specializes in the hard to find numbers. In other words, the tool provides information about unlisted phone numbers you can’t identify it other tools and websites.

Phone Lookup Tool


Keep in mind that a reverse search by phone number needs lots of data and details. For that reason, the website scans the web for every single information it can find about people. Indeed, the software scans social media website like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and the others. Then, it collects and organizes the data. In the end, everyone can search for any number and find it by 95% or so on their website.

The difference between free and paid phone lookup tools is not only accurate. But also, other premium features. Private people search and phone lookup databases work better and give more information than white pages, yellow pages, and the others.

Phone Detective allows you to find the real identity of someone who calls you. Additionally, it provides the exact address on the map. If your number is already in online databases, then use this tool that removes your number of the major 44 databases. So, after creating your account, you’ll find the privacy package in your member area.

The great feature about this tool is that it lets you find an old friend or family member you missed.


Google is the biggest search engine in the world. However, many people forget or neglect its huge potential of search. In reality, the company offers an advanced search tool that anyone can use. The Google advanced search lets you find the information by filtering the results. That means you can select the country, the language of the search and even you can exclude or include words.

google advanced search


When you use the Google tool, the results will look related to your search. The more words and filters you add, the better you’ll get results.

White Pages

Unlike the above tool, White Pages provide only results for landline numbers that are listed. So, you can search for phone numbers and identify their owners. The online tool works by scanning and searching a database of millions of phone numbers. Then, the tool returns the right result based on your search. Unfortunately, this website doesn’t offer real accurate results.

Yellow Pages

This is another free phone lookup tool. Like White Pages, yellow pages lets you search for millions of numbers. However, the difference here is the business phone numbers only. So, you can search and lookup business phone numbers.

Yellow pages can be used to find listed phones only. But when it comes to an unlisted number, no other tool can work like Phone Detective. It’s better, more accurate and professional.


The above are the most popular and the best tools to search for phone numbers in the US. Some of them offer free services, but, you’ll never find unlisted phone numbers with them. Unfortunately, these free services use public data that anyone can find online. On the other side, Phone Detective offers premium lookup services that find all numbers. The service can find an unlisted number, mobile numbers, and business number also.

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