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Phone number search websites and service providers

There are hundreds of ways to find anyone’s phone number, but what about the truth? Is all what you find is real and work?

Of course, No, some kind of websites just use public databases and mix things together to give inaccurate and even completely wrong details about the person. So, by using one of these recommended services today, you’ll avoid the bad sites and apps that never work.

Where to search for phone numbers online?


We tested this great website and it worked like a charm, the search tool combines different options and sources to provide the best results.

The site gives different search options: by first name, last name, email address and also by street address. So, these options help to find details about someone you missed or an old friend you want to find again.


InfoTracer is one of the oldest phone search directories with big databases and a lot of search options. Indeed, you can search by name, email, address, and by state.

Phone number search

The best thing about this people search website is its all-in-one tool that helped millions of people in finding their relatives online. So, for example, you can search using the email address, and then, get the person behind it with all the numbers and details. The algorithms collect data from different sources and databases.

We should mention that users prefer this recommend site to find their missing family members, old friends, and even colleges.

Yellow and White Pages

Okay, you may have given these directories a try, but we should list them as they are the most popular places. These two giant people search directories receive millions of visits each month and they have a large number of names, details, and details. So, why not searching there, first, and then, continue with the other options?

There are many occasions when people want to find a friend’s contact number and they got it in seconds if it’s available.


This is another online option to find people numbers, all you have to do is visit their website, type in the person’s name, or his email address and even the street address.

This international people search site collects data from different sources, including social media, Google pages, and more like private databases.

People Finders

This is great, but also a popular way to find numbers online. However, the website is blocking access to its use for many counties, it’s only accessible for those who have a US IP address. So, if you search for someone outside, the USA, then, use the other options but not this one.


This is the recommended search engine for phone numbers in Canada, you can use the person’s full name and the location, and then, click the search button.


Pipl is one of the best free ways to get people’s telephone numbers online, the website has a lightweight interface that loads quickly. You can add the details you need and the tool will start scanning millions of records to find the ones that correspondent to the given details.

Search engines

A lot of people forget that search engines are great for all the types of searches, however, there is one simple trick that can refine the result and show you the best one. So, type in the name between quotation marks and see if you get a result or no.

If nothing could be found, then, add other details, like the person’s ages, other names or any details that can help.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and also YouTube and Facebook are the best sites to start your search. These search engines combine billions of queries and organize them depending on many factors. So, the more, you refine the search, the more accurate results you’ll get.

We know someone who wanted to find his mother, and after typing different search queries and modifying the sate, he got the Facebook profile link in Google, and then, everything was just faster. Using search engines is powerful, but make sure you modify the search if you get no results, change the state, the person may be relocated to another country or state.

Universities people search tools

A lot of people neglect this powerful way to find people and their mobile numbers. Indeed, many universities in the US, Canada, and the UK have people search pages, so you can sue them to find your loved ones or one of your old friends or classmates. Some of the best educational search options are Arizona State University and for the UK, the New Castle University.

So, if you know from which university or school someone got a diploma from, you can search for the official website and see if you can find a search page. This is one of the oldest people search directories in the US, you can search using the full name as the other websites. However, the great thing about this one is that you can browse the directory by the state if you need that.

What do you need to search for phone numbers?

Some website has great search options, but if you don’t have one of the required search options, you’ll get no results. So, the first thing you need in order to search for telephone numbers online is the name of the person.

We’re talking about the first name and last name. These are the most important things to get an accurate result. If you guess the name and you type in names you’re not sure about, then, stop there and make a single name to find the related numbers.

The state is also recommended to find accurate details, So, make sure you have an idea about the state where the person lives, so, you can add it as another search field.

If you have none of the above search options, then, you can use the email address, many people search sites offer easy to use tool using the email address.

We hope you found the number you need, these search engines have the largest databases of data, using them is not a waste of time if you type the right name.

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