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10 smallest smartphones in the world

In today’s techy world, more design concepts and even purchase decisions seem to favor smart devices of about 7 inches and above. But there are still sleek looking, well-crafted smartphones with unique features out there.

The love for smart devices could be a compelling one. However, the bigger smartphones seem to enjoy most of the hype to the detriment of smaller phones. Do you wonder whether or not you can still find for purchase a compact smartphone or would love your purchase? Now, let’s explore some of the best smallest smartphones in the world.

Best mini smartphones

1. iPhone7

If seeking a smartphone with all today’s excellent features; except for larger screen size, then iphone7 fits the billing perfectly.  The iphone7 offers you one of the most popular smart devices worldwide.

The sleek 4.7inch display screen with a resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels offers excellent visuals, QHD and Super AMOLED panel technology.

The iphone7 presents one of iPhone’s best except when placed side-by-side the iphone7 plus. The iphone7 offers a tempered glass screen with an exquisite metal casing.

The well-crafted fingerprint scanner helps for easy navigation anytime while selecting files, musicals, videos, texts, calls, games and from a huge list of apps.

Smallest Smartphones

The camera 12MP, 7MP front offers superb picture and video quality always, and even it’s one of the recommended phones for small hands 🙂

2. Samsung Galaxy A3 2017

Samsung is known for innovative designs, and excellent features for its smartphones and the Galaxy A3 is no exception. With a 4.7inch screen-size, the A3 is a unique phone with smart features better than the earlier Galaxy A3 2016.

Externally it comes with a metal frame and a sleek, curvy tempered glass back. The metal frame and glass back with a depth of 1.5 meters provide resistance to water and dust intrusion.

It has a colorful 720 x 1280 Super AMOLED screen with a density of 312-pixel density. It runs on a 2GB RAM, 1.6GHz processor, and a 2350mAh battery. Other great features include the 13MP, 8MP front and back camera respectively and a fingerprint scanner.

3. Sony Xperia X Compact

Sony’s Xperia X Compact is an innovated concept in mobile technology by a company with hands-on technological experience for today’s audience. Though, compact design, the Sony Xperia X Compact provides current users with a sleek and portable phone.

It offers a 4.6-inch screen with 720 x 1280 sharp and colorful screen resolution. Though with the external body made of plastic it has a sturdy and firm feeling when held.

It makes use of a fingerprint scanner to ease navigation while the 23Mega pixels camera helps to capture high-quality visuals. The 3GB RAM keeps it quite operational with an expandable MicroSD space of up to 32GB.

4. Nokia Lumia 620

The Nokia Lumia 620 presents some of the mini smartphones available today with a 3.8inch touch screen and built on a Windows 8 OS. The color screen offers clear visuals for pictures and videos at 480 x 800 pixels resolutions, 5 MegaPixel rear, and 0.3 MP front camera.

It has a 1GHz dual-core processor, 512 RAM and 8GB internal storage space expandable to 64GB.

Other features include FM stereo, headphones, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.

5. Huawei P10

Huawei P10 is a sleek design from a known brand with decades of technology experience in smart devices. It is a-5inch-stylish, V-belt smartphone that operates on the latest version of EMUI, similar to iOS. Though not as exciting as the Android versions but it works excellently.

With innovative features, the Huawei P10 offers the premium quality device, tempered glass built on the aluminum casing to stand-out as an industry leader.

It offers 4GB RAM and 64GB expandable memory using MicroSD cards. The screen display is 1920 x 1080 resolutions and a battery life of 3200mAh for smooth operations.

6. Alcatel Pixi 3

From the Alcatel family, the Alcatel Pixi 3 offers you a cute, smart device with some of the essential features ever. With a 3.5inch screen, it is one of the tiniest, sleek, inexpensive smartphones in the market.

The Pixi 3 runs on Android with a front camera of 2 Megapixels, and a-4GB internal memory. The expandable memory is up to 32GB using Micro SD-card. The smart phone’s processor is a dual-core processor giving it more agility and speed. It has Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth features to help for connectivity.

7. LG K3

LG K3 is not only portable but an excellent phone by the LG Group. The 4.5inch touch screen provides ample space to view videos and snapshots using 480 x 854 pixels. While the front camera is 0.3 MP, rear Camera is 5MP for an excellent viewing experience.

The quad-core processor in addition to the 1GB RAM, 8GB additional storage plus a 32GB expandable storage capacity makes it a great buy.

Other great features Android 6.0 OS, Wi-Fi, 4.1 Bluetooth, Hop Spot and more make the LG K3 a cute, small but smart device.

8. HTC 8XT

HTC has a reputation for producing high-ended smart devices with excellent features both externally and internally. And the HTC 8XT, though compact, is one smartphone with appealing looks and great features.

It offers a 4.3-inch screen size and works on Windows 8 Operating System under the Sprint carrier service. The screen resolution is 480×800 pixels with an 8Mega pixel front camera. The 8GB/ 1GB RAM & ROM storage capacity and a 1.4 GHz Qualcomm ensure speedy operations.

With other great features such as the autofocus, LED flash, 4.0 Bluetooth, Wi-FI, dual-band and Hotspot technology, the HTC 8XT is truly a smartphone with a great price offering.

9. Moto E4

The Moto E4 provides users with a 5inch HD screen, a portable smart device with appealing features. Moto E4 is an LCD with a 1280 x 720 resolution with bright visual complements.

This pocket-friendly smart device comes with a 2GB RAM, a metal body and unique nano-coating finishing preventing spills and contacting liquid substances.

Camera specs include an 8MP, 5MP back, and front camera respectively with 16GB internal memory and an expandable memory of 128GB.

10. Wiley Fox Swift2

Wiley Fox Swift2 is a product by a UK based smartphone manufacturer known for impressive designs in the mobile technology industry. The Swift2 is a sleek phone with a 5inch colored display screen with a 1.4GHz snapdragon chipset for processing speed.  The choice of a metal casing further helps to accentuate the good looks of the smart device.

Camera visuals are quite innovative and set at 13MP and 8MP for front and rear cameras respectively. With a screen resolution of 1280 x 720, you stand no chance of missing anything of interest on Youtube and more. The 7.1 Android OS and with 2,700mAh battery helps for smooth operations.

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