Best Samsung Phone to Buy

Best Samsung Phone to Buy In 2017: Top features & category

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Getting the best Samsung phone to buy in 2017 could be quite challenging owing to the so many unique and fascinating smartphones by Samsung alone. Today’s mobile market is highly competitive and flooded with a variation of phones your heart could ever desire further creating confusion on what to pick. It is evident that Android devices offer some of the …

Best smallest Smartphones in the World

10 Best Smallest Smartphones in the World

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In today’s techy world, more design concepts and even purchase decisions seem to favor smart devices of about 7 inches and above. But there are still sleek looking, well-crafted smartphones with unique features out there. The love for smart devices could be a compelling one. However, the bigger smartphones seem to enjoy most of the hype to the detriment of …

How to See if your SmartPhone has a Virus

How to Know if your SmartPhone has a Virus or not

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Mobile phones are gradually becoming today’s mobile office making it expedient to understand how to see if your phone has a virus. Phones contain vital personal information and official details too precious to allow a virus attack to ruin. Phone virus attacks could be deadly leading to the loss of critical work or personal information. Two-thirds of internet connectivity today …

Smartphone web browsing privacy tips

Tips to Protect your Privacy when Surfing the Web with a Smartphone

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Smartphone technology has advanced rapidly over the last few years. We started off with brick-shaped phones in the early eighties which had the sole function of making and receiving calls. Eventually, the stylish nineties brought in fashionable flip mobiles which added an exaggerated touch to ending calls. Back then, probably the most flip phones could contribute to one’s social life …