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12 tips and tricks to save battery for Android devices

Would you like to have the longest battery life for your phone? And you want to save energy with apps and options you don’t need?

So, here we’ll help you with tips and tricks for Android that everyone should know about.

Make your smartphone battery life longer

Let’s get started by these phone tips and tricks, however, not all the versions are the same and some options may not work for all the android versions. S, first update the latest update.

1. Use the dark background mode

Unlike the regular colored background mode, the dark background on your phone use no pixel features. It uses a few energy and you’ll notice big battery saving by just enable it. The night mode which uses the dark theme for apps can be activated from the developer preview on Settings.

2. Turn OFF automatic Wi-Fi scanning

Your phone scans WiFi networks by default, so, it communicates with these networks and that uses the battery all the time. By disabling the feature, you’ll have more power in the battery.

3. Disable app synchronization

Make your phone battery last longer by disabling the Google synchronization mode. Also, you can disable all the synchronization for tools like Dropbox, Google Drive and more. A lot of Google app synchronization uses a lot of energy and by disabling the feature, you should be able to keep your device battery from daring.

4. Disable Notifications

Notifications are great, but also battery-draining ways for smartphones and tablets. Even worse, there are many spam websites that can show notifications all the time. That uses your battery and damages it over time.

To turn OFF notifications on Android devices, go to Settings, then, notifications. Wait a few seconds until the load of apps that shows notifications. From there, you can disable all notifications or disable them one by one individually.

5. Keep the screen brightness low

Do you really need a high brightness screen? In daylight especially, you can decrease the device brightness as possible. So, that can save more energy and keep your phone battery in the best conditions and performances.

6. Disable location mode

It’s like a spy app that tracks your location, and it’s better to disable the location mode on your smartphone. There is no need to worry about anything as this is only an option. Why should you give access to your location?

The phone checks your current geographical location by GPS. That consumes lots of energy and over time, it can kill your battery. For that reason, you can disable the location feature on Android or just use the mode with battery-saving if you should use it.

7. Disable any Radio feature

Things like GPS, and Bluetooth can easily drain your tablet or phone. So, even if you use a WiFi, make sure to disable it when you’re not online. It doesn’t make sense when your phone uses energy for Wifi or GPS when you don’t need or use them at that time.

8. Reduce the screen timeout (or sleep)

The most things that consume energy on phones and tablets is the screen. It’s the one main cause of battery draining as it uses a lot of energy. For that, you can select the shortest screen timeout option you can find. Something like 10 seconds will be great and you’ll notice an improvement in your battery life and charge.

Reduce the screen timeout

9. Turn OFF unused applications

Using a few applications should improve the speed of your device and save energy. But when you install too many apps, then, everything will go worst with your smartphone. Imagine if you lied an app, then, installed it, and used it a few times. Then, probably, you’ll forget about that previously installed application, and as a result, it consumes the battery energy with no benefits. So, removing that app is better for you.

If you can’t remove the app because it’s added by Google or Android OS, then, just turn it OFF. Access the app manager from your device and you’ll see the option.

10. Keep your Android apps updated

It’s not a secret that many Android developers and companies add new features and energy-saving tricks to their apps. So, when you update the app to their latest version, you can get the best benefits and reduce the battery usage for nothing.

11. Turn OFF device vibration

By default, your device will vibrate every time you type in, in addition, it can vibrate for incoming SMS or chat messages. These vibrations use the battery and with other options turned on, you’ll drain it faster, and that’s bad for the phone.

To access the option, go to Settings, then, click on Language & Input. Next, go to Virtual keyboard, then, under preferences disable the option Vibrate on keypress.

12. Disable excessive power consumption apps

From settings, click on Battery, and you’ll see the apps that use your device battery. The simple power usage level can help you to decide which app uses excessive energy. If you don’t really need that app, it’s better to remove it. Or, if you really need that app, search for alternatives.

Keep in mind that there is no secret to make your phone power last weeks or months without charging it. It’s like any device or hardware that should use the electrical energy to work. In addition, there is a minim energy usage that you can’t reduce or you’ll disable the device completely. However, by doing one or more tricks we mentioned above, you’ll make your smartphone last longer.

If you usually charge your phone once a day, then, applying these tricks, you can easily extend the battery usage for another day or two and even more. Everything depends on the way you use your phone and the apps you installed on it.

Some app uses more energy than others, and by knowing your phone better, you’ll be able to reduce its energy consumption and make it last longer.

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