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Unlisted Phone Number Lookup: Instant Reverse Search for the USA

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Unlisted phone numbers are meant to not be identifiable, so, they do not appear in phone books. In addition, the true name and location will not appear on caller ID. The unlisted phone may be strategic to those who wish to hide their identity for security reasons, but they are often times taken advantage of by telemarketers, bill collectors, or scammers. Remember, at face value, they are not identifiable. That is, one cannot recognize who is calling them. However, there are certain tools available to those that are wondersome enough to look.

Here we will show you the best way to lookup and find the real name and address of an unpublished cell or landline number owner.

Professional Unlisted numbers lookup

Reverse Phone Detective is an online software that can provide useful information as to who is behind the unpublished phone number. The reverse phone detective service attempts to provide:

  • The named owner of the private number
  • The named owner’s address
  • Their up-to-date contact information
  • Prior complaints that have been filed against the phone number or its owner

The following is the home page of Phone Detective. It is very simplistic, with the main search box front and center. Additionally, there are links for one to sign if they are already a site member, as well as options to register to become one. The site also gives a few advantages of using the lookup service.

For results, it’s the most accurate reverse phone lookup compared to other tools.

Unlisted Phone Number Lookup

To add credibility, site administrators included icons that show memberships with TRUSTe, the Better Business Bureau, Norton, and iapp. The good thing is that all these icons are working and linking to verified business pages. Lastly, there is a row of links across the bottom of the page (though it is out of range on the above screenshot) that offer guidance over the use of Phone Detective.

How to use the search function

To operate a search for any number including the hidden ones, enter the ten-digit number being inquired about into the search box that is located in the middle of the page, approximately, and click “search” or hit the enter or return button on the keyboard.

Phone Detective


This is the search result page that appears if the user is not yet a paid member of the service. For the example, we searched the phone number to get in contact with the United States Congress. As one can see, the site displays the approximate location of the caller, which in this case is “Washington Zone 1, DC. Phone detective also specifies whether the call is coming from a landline or a mobile phone. The interactive map is also quite useful and shows the up to date address.

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To get any additional information users will have to purchase the service.

Phone lookup result


This is the page that users are directed to when they click on the “full report” or “owner name” links. There are two options:

  • The Premium Membership – $29.95 per year

Users that purchase the Premium Phone Detective membership for just under $30 annually will receive the benefit of unlisted reverse phone lookup with unlimited searches. This implies that users would be able to use the service over and over, as many times as they would like, without any additional charges. This membership is automatically renewed and charged annually until the user dictates cancellation.

  • Single Full Report – $9.95

For about $10 users can quickly get the report that contains the name, addresses, and complaints that belong to the hidden number that has contacted them. However, as per the name, this option is only a single report. While the report will contain all the same information that one would receive through the premium membership, they will have to pay again the next time that they use the service.

Essentially, if you plan to, or think that you may, use Phone Detective more than three times a year, you should go ahead and purchase the premium membership. This recommendation is based on the simple arithmetic that 3 single reports will add up to roughly $30.

Q&A about the tool

Are there other companies or websites besides Phone Detective that offer the same type of service?

In short, yes, other web pages do offer unlisted phone number lookup. However, with that being said, we have found Phone Detective is the most reliable source to identify the named owner, base location, owner’s contact information, and complaints of secret phone numbers. Phone Detective is able to provide more information in general; they identify more phone numbers that almost all other services. Furthermore, Phone Detective’s information is accurate a higher percentage of the time than that of several competitor services.

What do I do with the information that I have received by purchasing the premium plan?

That is up to each user.

If the caller from the unlisted number is harassing you or you feel in danger because of the phone call(s) in any way, you should consider handing their information to local authorities. Let them know the situation and they will discuss options for preceding.

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If the unlisted phone number belongs to a business or a representative of a business, you can do one of the several things:

  • Contact the business using something other than the unpublished number. You can send a letter through the mail or you can visit the company in person (this is to ensure information reaches the right person). Notify a manager or administrator that you are receiving unwanted calls and request that they halt the calls.
  • Contact organizations like the Better Business Bureau or local Chambers of Commerce and notify them of the unlisted cell phone calls. They may reach out to the company themselves for comment or may publically report the complaint you filed.

If the unlisted telephone number calling you is a prank caller, politely inform them that you have their information. Recite them the information (to them) so that they know you are telling the truth. Tell them that if they do not stop bothering you that you will report them to the police. Doing so should scare them enough to cease the calls. If it does not, consider reporting them to the police.

What if the caller changes numbers?

If the same person or organization calls you from multiple unknown numbers, keep a record of it. For example, take a screenshot or save the Phone Detective information. Keep your incoming call record as well. Refer to this information if you have to resort to getting the police involved. Good and complete and available records are key to making a case against the unlisted numbers.

Is Phone Detective worth the cost?

Again, that depends on the situation. If there is any scenario in which you feel you are being harassed or a crime is being committed, then yes, Phone Detective is absolutely worth the money. If you are simply curious about the details of a caller, then you will have to evaluate how much the information is worth to you and go from there.

Many people think that the service should be free. Those users are urged to consider the cost of the research and the resources that go into finding and storing all of Phone Detective’s information. For a company to exist continually, their income must be greater than their costs. This means that Phone Detective must move some of their costs onto the consumer.


Based on all the aspects and characteristics listed in the above article, we believe Phone Detective to be the best option for finding useful information about unlisted phone numbers. In addition, Phone Detective is the most reliable telephone number reverse lookup source for the owner’s name, geographic location, address, and file of complaints, of that caller.

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As a trusted tool and website to reveal the owners of unlisted telephone numbers, Phone Detective may not always be 100 percent accurate but is accurate more often than any of the competition. The information provided to users will ultimately be highly useful for the purpose of tracking down the person behind unknown and hidden phone numbers.


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