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Use Search Engines and Social Networks to find Phone Number Owners

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There is a need these days to lookup and find the owners of cell phone numbers who spam millions of people. Indeed, you can search using one of the following tools and websites.

On the other side, keep in mind that you’re not guaranteed to find all the numbers you’re searching for. That’s because many of them are unlisted. There are many options and way to find a cell phone number by name, however, they’re paid and that’s because they work hard to get the data and organize it. All that take months of hard work for just listing numbers. So, imagine what the effort could be with millions of phone numbers and people around the US and the world.

Ways to find phone number owners

Google search

Surprisingly, Google can be used as a tool to search and find the owner of the phone number you want. Because it’s the biggest search engine, the information can be found easily on websites, social media sites and more. All that looks good, but unfortunately, Google can’t access all the information on the web. Additionally, private details or databases is the only way to find some numbers.

So, you can use the Google search box. All, you need is to type the exact number you’re looking for. If Google finds a result, you’ll get it. If not, then, use the next way. Google is one of the other search engines that you can use like Yahoo, Bing, and ASK.


You can use other search engines as well, DuckDuckGo is a great example that doesn’t track users. So, you can use it to search for phone numbers and find who owns them if possible. Just type the number in the search box and validate. The search engine uses different crawling and indexing techniques than Google and Bing. So, there is a chance to have the real identity of the phone owner you want to know.

Social networks

Yes, you can use websites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, or Pinterest to search for mobile numbers. In reality, Facebook, for example, is a huge source of personal information that you can benefit from. There are over 2 billion Facebook users worldwide. So, there is a big percentage of probability that the phone you’re searching that has been mentioned on Facebook.

cell Phone number search


To start the search on Facebook, just enter that number in the search box. If there is an account related to that number, you’ll find it. Or, if there is a post, a link, or a comment related to it, you can also find it easily.

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The same thing applies to other social networks. Just use their search box and find the information.

If the number you look for is not identified in the USA, then, search for big social networks in other countries. VK is the biggest search engine in Russia and Eastern Europe. So give it try with a simple search and see if you can find the address or any other details about the owner.

Badoo is also a popular dating and social network. The site came with multiple languages worldwide and you can find the real caller identity.

If you can’t find a search box on any social network for any reason, you can use the Google advanced search. It’s a smart way to scan full websites and find the exact number if it exists there. To search Google for any website database, you can add the site name in the appropriate field. Then, search as the following screenshot example.

google advanced search


What if you can’t find any result?

If you’ve used all the above tools and no one worked, then, you’re searching for an unlisted number. Unfortunately, unlisted numbers are hard to find using regular ways.

That’s because the people behind these spam numbers are using tools to hide their real identities. However, you can still have the chance to get the owner details using one of these phone lookup options. They’re premium tools that provide accurate results with clear reports and details.

Unlike other websites, they use private databases and powerful web search algorithms. At the same time, each database contains millions of names, real owner addresses, and more.


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