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What can Someone Do with your Cell Phone Number?

Now, do you give your cell phone details to others or fill forms online without knowing what someone can do with your cell phone number? Then you need to read this article. It could be quite frightening when you come to terms with what others could do once they have access to your cell phone number; when you are asleep?

No! Even while awake and still using your mobile device. Unauthorized entrance into one’s smartphones through the cell phone number has the potential to complicate issues for you, hacking into your phones and stealing that personal information.

As technology advances to make life easier, security concerns such as the ability of hackers having access to personal details become more imminent. Even recent EU consumer report on kids’ Smart watches confirms this security risk. As cell phone numbers are becoming a security issue, let’s see ten things someone can do when the access your cell phone number and what you can do to reduce the risk. Now, let’s take a look at the security and life-threatening outcomes when someone else has your mobile phone number.

7 things others could do with your cell phone number

1. Look up your details

Yeah, now when you’re all excited giving your cell phone number out to a new friend you need to tread with caution. It is possible this new stranger can look up your details online. With a small fee, you would be surprised at how much personal information an individual can gather about you online.

Through the services of online directories stranger with your cell phone number could look up more about you than you can imagine. They can have access to your employment history, criminal records, residential address, names of your relatives and more. You don’t need me to spell the implications of such an action especially if your stalker has an ulterior motive.

To see if phone number can allow others to see your details, read this reverse phone lookup article, and try the services one by one. If you find your details, then, make sure to signup and opt-out from their database.

What can someone do with your cell phone number

2. Opening a new account on your behalf

It might sound strange, but data rogues could use your current cell phone number to access your contact details. Fraudsters could either create a new account or upgrade your mobile phone plan on your behalf. The amazing thing is your phone stops working suddenly, and you start receiving a new bill for services not used.

3. Auto-snapping of your photo for sharing

And now the extent to which your information could get compromised is further made worse by the presence of auto-photo snapping malware. It is a malware that can capture your details, photos and then send to pre-determined contacts.

Are you aware that as you go from your homes, offices and more locations, malware exists that could snap your every single move? Yes, though designed initially as helpful tools they have become manipulative tools, dangerous in the arms of the wrong crowd.

4. Now, who’s posing as you?

Phishers and fraudsters after having access to your cell numbers and personal data do pose as you. They create a clone of your cell number and get to work. Fraudsters could call others, hospitals or your bank to ask for financial records, health status and other confidential information for whatever purpose. Fraudsters and even organizations could intercept your phone calls and data for use.

When you leave out some vital information meant for the records fraudsters can help supply modifications using your mobile number to the bank or hospital. Again, if it has been a long while you checked, operated the account or visited the hospital they take advantage of that to access your records.

5. Threats, violence, death, kidnapping

Sometimes you release your cell number to a stalker just to get the person off your back, and then you start receiving threatening messages. A report has it that 1 out of 12 women and 1 out of 45 men experience stalking issues in their lifetime. Also, it states that as much as 25% of those hunted were by strangers. Seventy-eight percent of the victims were females and 87% of the stalkers been males.

Stalking could lead to violence, murder, kidnapping, series of threats and more. We understand that not all stalkers have wrong motives but how do you know till you become a victim of their antics?

6. Sell your details to a third party 

When you receive promotional marketing SMS or calls have you ever wondered how they got hold of your mobile numbers? Well, your mobile numbers provide an excellent business opportunity for mobile marketing companies.

Some organizations can collate and resell your mobile numbers to those involved in promotional marketing. So just be sure to guard your cell numbers jealously.

7. Tracking your location

Besides monitoring your details or stalking you after accessing your phone numbers your location could get monitored at all times. People watch other people’s positions for different reasons both good and bad. Although it’s an invasion of the other’s privacy; employers, spouse, parents, etc. still monitor their wards or employee’s location.

Your cell phone number, therefore, provides an avenue to track your location. The Wi-Fi and GPS settings or tracking capabilities help make it easy for other to keep tab of your activities.

How to Prevent Your Cell Phone Number from Abuse

  • Give out a fake or second phone number 

Avoid sharing your real cell phone number on social media or give them to strangers freely. Organisations exist that provide you with a false second number for a fee. That way, you can give out those numbers to contacts you are not so sure you want to have dealings with again.

  • Do not use the same ID and password on all your online accounts. It makes it easier for hackers to access your details across.
  • Improve your cell phone security features. Use apps and other security services from Apple, Google and others to safeguard against thefts of particulars.
  • Be sure before you give out critical personal details over the phones. Sometimes you receive funny calls claiming to be your phone carrier requesting for information.
  • Delete personal information when you want to discontinue the use of an old phone.
  • Set up security measures to prevent easy access to your contact information or to make changes to your phone settings, package upgrade and more. Set up two or three step verifications, pin and password verification for your security.
  • Go through your records both financial and other vital records regularly for signs of changes not made by you.
  • To report any case of stolen identity and prevent further breach visit state institutions for help or protection.

Securing your life and that of your friends and loved ones is first your primary responsibility before it is that of the government. Your actions or inactions are sometimes the cause of theft of cell phone numbers and other personal details. Be wise and secure your family against frauds and other security challenges.

We are a team of Phone and Telecommunication experts and of course, we like to share tips and tricks about new smartphone technologies and more related topics.

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