What's Truecaller and How to Use it

What’s Truecaller and how to Use it for Phone Number Search?

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Truecaller is one of the most popular websites with huge traffic and returning visitors. The website offers free services for phone lookup using reversing technologies. Additionally, the site offers a mobile phone app that shows the real owner of any phone number.

The only condition is that the owner must have a Truecaller account. So, all in all, the company collects information and personal details from around the world of millions of users. Then, everyone who subscribes to their free app receives details about the caller they don’t recognize.

That’s how Truecaller works and what it does for your phone number search.

Who owns Truecaller?

Truecaller owned by a Swedish company called True Software Scandinavia AB. The company develops the software and the app for all the popular mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and more.

Using the app

There are many concerns about using Truecaller as an app, it shares your real name and even addresses if you add it with other people. So, by using the app, you agree that you share your real name with others. It’s like a get-and-give deal.

If you choose to use the app with the desktop, you’ll need to sign up with your Google account. They use your identity and no one knows what they do with personal details. So, be careful when you use any phone search app online. They may look easy to use and clean, but when it comes to privacy, nothing will be okay with them.

Is Truecaller really a free service?

Not totally, Truecaller is a free way to know who is calling you, but with limitations. There is no guarantee that you’ll get the report. However, there is a premium plan, but I don’t recommend it in all cases. Instead of wasting any money with it, you can get a premium plan with these premium phone lookup sites and get more accurate results for the US numbers.

It’s true that Truecaller offer global reverse phone lookup, but when it comes to commercial and spam calls, the service is not good as you may expect.

Truecaller is a company, they have lots of engineers and millions of numbers. So, how they make money? The answer is this: they have a premium plan which lets subscribers pay and they get thousands of dollars. On the other side, the big profit of the company is the data they sell to organizations and companies. Of course, there is no real privacy online as any company can sell your personal details to advertising agencies and telemarketers.

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Also, the company offers advertising option, and they generate revenue when users install their app. With every install that’s free, of course, Truecaller shows advertisements of companies they work with. So, it’s like a network where advertisers and Truecaller meet to work together.

How to remove your personal details from Truecaller?

If you want to remove your number and personal details from Truecaller, then use their website. They offer a service called Unlist Phone Number, you just need to add your phone number with the country code and validate by clicking the button. There is a Google Captcha that you need to check to verify you’re not a robot.

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