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How to Know if your Husband is Cheating On you using his Cell Phone Number

Want to know if your husband is cheating on you? So, you can find many ways to catch him. However, one of the best methods to use is his cell phone number. Do, you know how you can do that? So, here, we’ll help you to find the truth with easy steps by using your man’s cell phone number only.

Before starting, please remember that we only recommend this method for legal purposes only. So, if you’re wondering about the truth and you found something unusual with your man, then, this can help you to find if there is a woman in his life or a girlfriend he communicates with through a secret number or social media profiles.

Find the truth through the man’s mobile number

Your husband’s phone number is a great source of information that you can use. No matter what cellular provider he uses or what smartphone brand he has, a cell phone number can help a lot in finding a truth in your relationship or marriage.

Find if he has secret (hidden) cell numbers

One of the fastest ways to know if he cheated on you is to use the BeenVerified tool and you’ll find all the things you wanted. That includes your husband’s other mobile numbers that he may hide, the social profiles he has like Facebook and more. In addition, the tool reveals the truth about your husband’s relatives if there are some. And also, you can find associates, his background, and more details.

How to Know if your Husband is Cheating on You

By finding the relative phone numbers, any wife can easily uncover the secret phone number that your husband contact or text usually without your knowledge. Of course, if the cell phone number that he used is hidden from you, then, there is no way to find the other numbers except using this method we recommend. It’s fast, easy and accurate to find the truth instantly.

Find if your partner has social media profiles

If your husband is addicted to social media, then, probably, he chats with ladies you never know. This is another great method to detect a cheating husband online. You can use the same tool we mentioned above that does the job in a few seconds. We know that anyone can do a simple search on Facebook to find a person, but the result will be nothing in the end.

That’s because you’ll use one single phone number. For that, using the above tool will uncover the social media profiles that you husband own by scanning all his secret phone numbers and social media links.

Take a look at the following screenshot, it shows all his relative phone numbers, with social media accounts and so on.

find a cheating husband on social media

Now what you get in that report is all the accounts the man connected with. So, you’ll find the secret profiles in the end. Additionally, by looking at the report page, you’ll be able to find a cheating husband on social media by getting the females images related to his number.

Then, you can take a look and find if you know any of them or not. If you have no idea about these females photos, then, we recommend using any free image reverse search website like or other.

What you need to do on these websites is to upload any images you find in your husband’s report. Next, the tool will scan and find where it was published or posted.

Lookup phone numbers your man is in contact with

This is not accessible for every woman, however, it’s a powerful method. If you have access to your man’s phone, then, you can select a few numbers you think owned by females, and find their real identities.

First, visit the BV website and search for the number that you have doubts about, then, you can get the woman behind it. Repeat the same search daily for example, for the cell numbers you have doubt about. You may get something you wanted to know from the beginning.

Other ways to find a cheating husband

If for any reason, you can’t find results for your husband’s cell number, then, you still have other options. But remember that you can have an accurate result by typing the correct number. Or you’ll get someone else details instead of simple keyboard typing mistake.


InfoTracer is a trusted service that looks into a phone number, and then, it provides a report with details you may find useful. Then, use these details like location, address etc to make further investigation and catch up the cheating partner or husband.

With its comprehensive background check tool, the service gives more reports and data. What you can do is just try adding your husband’s phone number and click the search button.

Search engines

This is a free method but it doesn’t guarantee any result. So, the probability of finding the truth about your husband’s girlfriend will be lower than the above options. However, This method still works today for many people and you can give it a try.

Just type in the search box, the phone number and add words like girlfriend, wife, female, lady etc. Then Google or other search engines will scan the database and report the result. With patience, you can use this method, however, it’s not for all the cases.

In addition, you can reveal a cheating husband by using the Google advanced search option. It’s powerful and you can refine the search and filter results with more tools.

These are the best ways to find the truth about your husband’s phone, and if he communicates with a secret phone number or not. It’s easy to find out the identity of a girl or woman he contacted previously or exchanged email with. By the way, you still be able to use other options for search using the great tool we recommended above.

Now, if you had experience with other options, tell us how do you know if your husband is cheating and help other ladies find the truth. There are many cases where simple investigation can make an end to marriage, but we prefer recommending these options to know the truth from the beginning. And we hope that it’s not late for you to take action and protect your family and marriage.

We are a team of Phone and Telecommunication experts and of course, we like to share tips and tricks about new smartphone technologies and more related topics.

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