Security Apps for Android Phone

Security Apps for Android Phones: Best Options we Recommend

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Do you need the best security apps for your android phone? And you prefer keeping your private data secure while you use your device? So, here we’ll show you the best options to take your phone security to the next level without risks and problems.

Best Android phones security apps

Please remember that you can find thousands of applications that talk about anything you want and need. But when you install them, you’ll find nothing more than promises and marketing messages. So, never install any app on your device, and only add the trusted tools you really need. One single antivirus is what you need and make sure you keep your login details secure.

BetterGuard Mobile

This a great security apps for Android devices, it protects your data from theft and online threats. What this app does is scanning deeply your device without slowing it down, then, it finds the potential threats and warns you about them. So, for example, if you already installed a new application and it sends data about your device emails or others, the app will find the problem and fix it.

With BetterGuard Mobile security, you’ll be able to remove the app with one click. In addition, the app comes with phone tracking with accurate location and GPS system.

Now, the remote control options let you manage your Android phone remotely without touching it. The app dashboard has a great option that lets you do all them with a few clicks.

One of the best features of this app is the force ring. It forces your Android phone to ring even if someone made it silent to hide it. So, that can help in some situations.

Even if you don’t have a PIN in your stolen phone, you can lock it remotely and add a PIN and that solves the problems.

LastPass password manager

A lot of android users neglect the passwords security they use for online accounts. So, if you’re one of those who logs into dozens of websites every day, then, this will be a great app for you. LastPass is a free but powerful password manager tool that doesn’t the hard job for you. Instead of remembering dozens of passwords and keep notes, you can use very complicated passwords and the ap will save them for you.

So, when you install the application, it will monitor your login activities. When you type in a password and username, it will suggest registering them for the future use. So, next time, when you access the login page on Facebook, for example, you’ll get the login details filled automatically for you. You can choose the login manually by pressing the login button or set up the automatic login option.

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The password manager works on different web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari. The main thing to remember here is that you need to remember your LastPass Vault logins. Then all the other details for hundreds of websites that you use maybe will be saved without problems. So, instead of many, you need to remember one single password and username for your vault account, that’s it.

The application keeps all your passwords secure and well protected through a strong cloud system of encryption and protection. There is a big company behind the tool and you can trust them as there are millions of people who use LastPass for years.

Security Master

With over 24 million rating for 5 starts, this app is on the top list of the best Android security apps of all the tomes. Unlike other apps, this one offers all in one solution to make your smartphone secure and faster. So, Security Master offer a VPN that encrypts all your website connections and hide your privacy. The VS uses virtual server locations across the globe, and the device RAM booster tool can save your smartphone battery at the same time and CPU.

The antivirus tool monitors your phone for potential threats and protects it in real-time. So, this is a must-have Android security app that e recommend for all users.


Worrying about your Facebook and social media accounts that someone accesses on your phone? So, keep calm and install this amazing android security app. AppLock locks al your accounts like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Gmail, Messanger, contact, incoming calls, SMS, and others. So, when someone wants to access any of these apps, he will be required to enter a password or pattern.

This app hides your photos and videos, so, your privacy will be protected as no one can access these folders without the passwords you can set.

Power Security

This a complete antivirus and malware protection application. In addition, it’s an adware cleaning tool that protects your privacy and removes spam app and websites from your browser. Furthermore, the CPU and RAM booster makes your Android phone faster as it clears the cache and makes it better.

Another good feature of this app is the spam call blocker. It blocks spam and telemarketing calls and saves you a lot of time dealing with bad situations and spam calls.

Clean Master

Clean Master is a popular junk removing and cleaning app, however, it comes with extra features that are powerful. For example, the app can encrypt all your photos and make them secure and hidden. Even more, the user can select which photos to encrypt and make private, so, no one can access them. Additionally, there is an antivirus tool that protects the system from threats and malware.

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These are just a few of the best android phone security apps, we’ll add more options to this list later when we review them. We want to recommend the app with real user reviews and good reputation. There are many apps with thousands of downloads but they have negative reviews more than positive. So, there should be risks for your phone and that’s what you should avoid. For that reason, we limited the list to a few app to keep this easy and clean.

If you tried any other security app and it worked well for you, make sure to add it to your comment or contact us for further investigations and testing.


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