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10 free and safe music download sites for Android phones

One of the great benefits of having smartphones is the ability to play a selected collection of music. In addition, downloading content from online music sites does not come cheap especially when you need to add more than one.

This article, therefore, provides you with some of the best sites to get free downloads for your music pleasure.

Top 10 websites to use

Now you know you can download excellent music contents without any payment, so let’s explore some of those sites underneath:

1. Google Play Music

Google play store music offers users exciting moments of endless music listening experience. With access to listen to several millions of songs and store well over 50,000 songs depending on your interest.

You could say of a certainty that Google play music apps are the best way to the best songs available. It has several unique features which include a fast and easy subscription to a podcast. The auto recommendation feature provides users with recommendations with songs in line with the most played genre.


2. YouTube

The YouTube music download website offers the largest collection of songs. If seeking unlimited videos or audio then YouTube should be your best bet. With unlimited video downloads, you can easily convert any video to audio or mp3 formats.

Another beautiful feature of YouTube music downloads is that you can download videos and audios in any language of choice.

3. Spotify Music

If you have never given Spotify a try then it’s time to do so in a hurry. Spotify offers you one of the best secure music download stores that allow you to download millions of songs anytime.

The app structure makes it easy to navigate through several features to locate and play any song. You have access to any song by simply using a checklist by genre, artist name, album, the title of the song, record label, etc.

Once you sing up for an account by email or link out to Facebook you are set to download any song of interest.

4. 4Shared

With a 4Shared music download app, you have access to any song online for free. To locate and download any song of choice, simply type the song title, artist name or genre for immediate access.

4shared offers a flexible portal to create your own playlists, listen to music, and see movies directly from an Android phone.

5. SoundCloud

Soundcloud offers music lovers with Android and iOS phones access to over 10 million downloads. Due to its many great features, it enjoys a rating of 4.4 on the play store and a large community for sharing the user experience.

Its ‘save as offline’ feature makes it a delight as the feature allows you to search trending music and share with friends. The app makes it possible to share information with favorite artists and friends, create a playlist and more. Though the free version carries and the paid version is so cheap you don’t break the bank to purchase.

6. offers one of the largest collections of music with express permission for music downloads. It is the most popular music app and the number one mp3 website in the world. offers everything about music and an opportunity to download trending songs. You can enjoy live music shows, read articles, and have access to sweepstakes, music charts and subscribe to podcasts.

7. Napster

Napster is new on the list of websites but offers you access to download over 30 million musicals for free. It allows you to download just any music of choice without advert or streaming interruptions.

The Napster music downloader app that works well for Android versions 4.0 and above and available in 34 countries. Its features are quite unique and offer ease of navigation.

It allows you to synchronize your Android phone app to PC transferring songs of choice.


Though not so popular the sites offer some of the most amazing collection of songs across all musical genres. You can have immediate access to download over 30 million songs if you have the storage capacity.

All you need do is create an offline playlist of your choice with up to 50,000 downloads to thrill yourself always.

9. iTube Music

iTube Music is an app with probably one of the most downloads. With a user rating of 4.3 on the play store, it is a streaming app and a music download app.

You can simply do a search to find any song from its very large database of mp3 songs. But only Android version 4.1 and higher is compatible for use.

10. MP3 Music download

The Mp3 music download sites allow you to download a wide variety of songs from its to one location for free. It has an excellent user interface with the ring maker and background downloading service.

The Mp3 music download also has one notable feature which is its ability to download multiple songs at the same time. It is an exceptional feature not found in most music download sites.

You can also search for a track and then preview the music before downloading it to your Android phone for offline mode.

How to download songs or music online?

To download any music to your Android device is quite simple. There are two means, either by WiFi using Bluetooth or connect a USB cable to your PC.

There are different versions for PC or Android phones so always locate the appropriate model for your mobile phones.

Some applications either allow you to record a song or download it to your phone. You need to decide which option you want and then download it online.

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